I am exceedingly late with my November post but better late than never!

I am a childless Millennial who loves avocado toast… what a cliche.
Mask up!
November also marks the beginning of Christmas – I decorate as early and intensely as possible!
Added a little Palm Springs vibe this year.
Sadie helped.
The pink tree is back for the first time in about 5 years! I figured Mike’s kids would enjoy seeing it.
Sadie and I spent a day with the kids — crafting was a must!
LOVING the Santa murals downtown.
The Nutcracker at the Paine is back.
Sadie’s love of the fireplace is the CUTEST THING EVER.
I had to order the Home Alone-themed Bark Box for Sadie!
Doggo mask! And Thanksgiving cupcakes for the kids!
Thanksgiving – we Turkey Trotted through the park this year!
Dinner was just me + my parents this year; trying to keep our “bubble” as small as possible.
We went to Door County the day after Turkey Day to pick up a painting for my parents. It was gloomy and weird up there.
Mike made me a Baby Yoda drink!! I died!!!
Small Business Saturday + chillin’ watching Celebration of Lights
Christmas light phone charger for my car! Woot!
That’s it for November — I’ll try not to be so tardy with next month’s post!