Here’s the photos from the last month of crazy weird 2020.  Maybe 2021 will be more normal.  Maybe not.

Happiest of birthdays to Mike (made him a Death Star cookie cake)
Virtual Chicago trip with Mike’s kids – I was in charge of rainbow cone, a science experiment, and some dinosaur digging!
Scenes of the season.
Michelle & I went to the Garden of Lights
A killer winter sunrise. I think December skies are some of the best.
I made fleece blankets for the kids for Christmas.
Sadie testing out the Baby Yoda bean bag chair (in reality it went to Mike’s son for Christmas)
The Rainbow Atlas was a gift from Bethany – how perfect for me, right?I made a gingerbread dumpster fire! :)
Holiday baking. I miss my grandma.
A little roof damage. How very 2020.
We got FIVE POUNDS of Oaks chocolate from a client. Holy god.
Went to the River Domes with Mike + kids!
Subtle earrings, right?
Christmas Eve at Mike’s.  Brandy slush afterward.
Baby Yoda is the best tree topper! I couldn’t decide between his blue macaron or the orb… so I went with both.
Golden Girls mugs from Mike’s kids! swoon.
See ya, 2020.