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Sorry that this post is a few days late! October was a busy month. A visit to Wausau, a million United Way events, China Lights in Milwaukee, a trip to Las Vegas, fall fun, and HALLOWEEN! I wish October could last all year, I really do.

PS: I’ll be back tomorrow with a separate post about my visit to Las Vegas.

Sadie turned 1 on the 6th. I gave her the greatest gift of all: her first taste of cheese.
Workin’ the Brat Barn with the United Way crew.
I got umbrellas in my eyes.
Fall cuteness.
China Lights in Milwaukee was so, so, so awesome!
If you want the place to yourself, visit on a cold, rainy weeknight. :)
Sadie girl.
I visited my elementary school alma mater and cried a little. Those were the best of school days.
Also attended Take Back the Night and cried a little. One of the things I’m most grateful for in my life is having a stable home life – and as a result, an incredible amount of power in my adulthood. Not all women are so lucky.
That card is my favorite thing ever — ME in cartoon form! Also, having to write an appellate brief is HORRID.
More Sadie girl!
I take a million photos because I always want to remember the little things — like having breakfast on a random Thursday with my dad.
Halloween weekendddd!
Costume construction — and Sadie helping us to carve pumpkins!
October was a fun month.  Onto November!


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