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March is never my favorite month. It’s an inbetween month. Not quite spring. Not entirely winter. Nothing exciting going on. No more week-long spring breaks to look forward to. Aside from St. Patrick’s Day, not much happens. But I managed to squeeze a lot into the month! Here are the pics.

Sadie snuggles / happy hour with Marianne and a bunch of lawyers / yellow is the happiest color.
Rooms of Blooms! Michelle and I met at Rooms of Blooms 2 years ago. We were wearing the exact same dress and we’ve been great friends ever since. Girl friendships are awesome like that.
Had to recognize International Women’s Day! / and some cute Sadie pics, obvi
Shamrock Shufflin’! / cheese curds are a great love of my life / Black Panther was entertaining (to me; Pete hated it!)
When you’ve got a guy in your life that remembered, from your very first date, that you love balloons… and then surprises you with balloons on a random Tuesday… HE’S A GEM / Moscow mulin’ with lady lawyer night! / Girl Scout cookie season is a great highlight of March!
Touring a submarine in Manitowoc; it was more awesome than I was expecting.
Look at all those instructions for using the toilet! I would screw up and sink the ship. / Manitowoc was cute; should visit more often.
More cheese curds – the only good thing about our meal at Horse & Plow in Kohler. Usually it’s so good but man, what a disappointment this time!
Wall o’ toilets / And while I swooned over the beautiful bathrooms at the design center, Pete merely tolerated them. #menarefrommars #womenarefromvenus
Winterspring / and all three fluffs waiting for my mom to come home.
I miss Milwaukee!
Sadie loves her new pretzel toy.
Easter is comin’! / plus a fun Good Friday happy hour
Am I a 33-year old lawyer…or a teenage girl? Based on my most recent trip to Ulta, it’s a toss up / I pretty much hate Starbucks’ new line of mugs, which is good, because I need another mug collection like I need a hole in the head / pretty Lambeau; had dinner at 1919, which was just alright.
Green Bay Gamblers game! Fun fact: they do racing beer cans. Two of them slipped and fell on the ice. One couldn’t get up. Busch Light won. I love Wisconsin.

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