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Look at me and how EARLY I am this month with my post! There are still a handful of hours left in the month of May! But oh my, May was a big month. A lot going on. Plus, you know, my dad’s open-heart surgery. No big deal. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. The second half of the month was completely askew.  He had the procedure done in Milwaukee and had an extended stay in the ICU, so there was a lot of driving back and forth — and a lot of time off from work. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in June. While it was a stressful month, it was also a good month. The surgery was a success and my dad is on the road to full recovery – we’re lucky the problem was discovered and able to be fixed.

Here are the photos!
Sadie photos, obvi.
Celebrating Michelle’s birthday.
Pete raises money every year for Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids event. Spoiler alert: I’m much better at Wii bowling than real bowling.
Spent a nice Saturday at High Cliff. It was muddy and dirty hiking, but still fun.
Then we climbed the big ol’ observation tower in Calumet County. Pete is afraid of heights but, to his credit, wanted to get to the top anyway. I was happily buzzed with my old fashioned — and he was having major anxiety in that photo.
The next day we visited Holy Hill. He worked there in his youth — and I had major flashbacks to my days in Catholic schools. Why do all churches smell the same?
More scenes of May.
Unintentional twinning.
Mothers Day!
LOVE MY MOMMA. As do the dogs.
We stayed at the Kimpton in Milwaukee the night before my dad’s surgery. I’ll always love this hotel.
Nervous, pre-surgery Denny. And a pretty sunset.
The plant in the waiting room of St. Luke’s; plus, a trip home to care for the dogs.
Where I spent quite a bit of time; St. Luke’s was great though – friendly staff, caring nurses, good doctors, and a decent cafeteria. No complaints!
The 10 days of blooms = my favorite.
My heart necklace was appropriate; and Sadie knew we needed extra snuggles! Also, the lakeflies were terrible this year. Terrible.
Peace out, hospital!
Really good book; and a unicorn cookie for Scarlett, the daughter of the dogs’ groomer.
My mom and I attended the Women’s Fund luncheon – Jeannette Walls was an interesting speaker!
Kicked off Memorial Day Weekend with some cuteness. Rainbow sprinklesssss!
Donuts on yard work day; post-yard work day drinks.
Cocktails at OYC plus a pink heart balloon that got sucked out of a moonroof 30 seconds after this photo was taken.
The first little rainbow of the season. I love rainbows. But y’all know this.
Here’s to moving on to June – hopefully it brings good health and happy summer memories.
And finally, a big shoutout to Pete.  He’s done so much to help my parents this month (lawn care! yard work! furniture pick up! you name it!) — and I wasn’t the easiest person to be around due to worry and stress, so basically, he’s been a saint.

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