This month’s blog post will be 90% dog photos.  Because a) dogs are my world and b) I didn’t do anything too exciting this month.  Happy hearts and love month!

Gus; a mediocre old fashioned from TJ’s
Michelle and I went walking when it was, like, 50 degrees in early February. Glorious!
I have “borrowed” this scarf permanently from my mom; and some Manderfield’s treats from Denny!
Valentine’s treats from Oaks — and Oshkosh now has a CINNABON! Woot woot!
The warm weather from early February didn’t last long.
I housesat for my parents for a week.  Not bad waking up to this view every day.
Unicorn car wash vibes; and MEGA STUF Oreos are BACK!
The loves of my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day
Got to meet Ollie (and get to babysit him in March!) — and a new Florida mug from my parents.
I wasn’t lying when I said this post would have an excessive amount of dog photos.
Rainbow sprinkles are a gift to this world.
Sturgeon spearing season at Wendt’s!
A trip to Milwaukee to see Jillian — and have brunch at Harbor House.
The many faces of Sadie.
Got a few Strange Planet items (I love those comics so much!) — and BABY YODA! Yes, I am 35 years old and needed a stuffed animal Baby Yoda. I welcome your judgment.
Happy Fat Tuesday!
Paislee, Sadie, and a 7-layer dip.
Rounded out the month with a two-day migraine. Fun times! Onward to March!