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My name is Annie.  I’m thirtysomething.  I live in Wisconsin, which I adore.  I’m a lawyer.  I have unconditional positive regard for Mexican food, the Golden Girls, balloons, pineapple, non-fiction books, Christmastime, rainbow sprinkles, autumn, all things Disney, and a good cup of coffee.  My undergraduate and Masters degrees are in microbiology, immunology, and public health (and I remain madly in love with science despite my career change).  I have unconditional negative regard for milk, coconut, the ocean, spiders, and the color teal.  I don’t know why I dislike teal so much, but I do.  I’m a textbook introvert, a political moderate, and a Gen Y’er with X cusp issues.  My favorite color is rainbow. Baking is my biggest hobby.  I collect magnets and Starbucks city mugs.  I like good TV shows better than movies.  I’m a neat freak and messes give me anxiety.  Dogs rule, cats drool.  Movies I can (and do) watch on an endless loop include Home Alone, the Breakfast Club, the Birdcage, Willy Wonka (the old version, obvi), Clueless, Dirty Dancing, the Hangover, and anything Jurassic Park.

This blog exists mainly for my family members who like to see my photos.

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