September: summer is over (woot!) and my favorite season of life is here. I mean, I decorated for Halloween on, like, August 28th… soooooo.  Hope you’re all having a lovely autumn and that you stay safe & healthy.

Back to school — in person learning lasted about 2.5 weeks.  Sigh.
My dad turned 73 on September 2nd! Love you, Denny.
Early September — when summer lingers but fall is certainly creeping in.
257 is fully decorated for Spooky Szn!
I have an embroidered mask in every color – yet another accessory for my outfits!
I went out to dinner with Sandy and the waiter mistakenly thought it was my birthday.  I wasn’t mad tho cause that free ice cream/cheesecake treat was delicious.  And Mike got me Golden Girls tiki shot glasses!  He gets me.
On a whim we decided to have a Kentucky Derby party.  And by “party” I mean there were 5 of us total and all people in our bubble — so calm down COVID police.
The benedictine dip looks gross but ooooh boy, I loved it.
(because yes, I need YET ANOTHER cookbook)
So I got a new candy dish… :)
Homemade Pop Tarts, FLU SHOT PROMOTION!, and dogs, as per usual
Two plates of nachos with Marianne — cause when you’re in a trench of life, you eat two plates of nachos and talk it out. [nothing is seriously wrong though — just *GESTURES BROADLY* all of 2020’s craziness]
Man, I love her so much.
Farmers Market
Unintentional color coordination.
My love for Baby Yoda knows no limit
Parents and I took a day trip up to Door County.
Weird skeleton bride vibe.
Andrea got married! And Jillian gave me a mask with Sadie’s face on it — I died!
Mike turned his living room into a movie theater for his kids — it was precious.
I baked all the things.
I’ve known Mary Meghan since 2002 and the last time we saw each other as 2011 (I think). SO GOOD to see her and catch up!
Made gingerbread hearts for Mike’s virtual trip to Germany with is kids;  and I made a Schitt’s Creek cake (design based on the shitty cake featured in the series)!
See ya, September.  On to my favorite month of the year… October!


I’m a few days late with the August photo roundup — whoops.  August was a great month – BIRTHDAY MONTH! Enjoy the last days of summer & see all three of you who read this blog next month!

Peaches! Thanks to Auntie Ra for so many delicious peaches.
A little weekend day trip to Two Rivers.
My little love.
Wouldn’t be August without Allenville sweet corn.
Baby girl got some new toys!
Yes, we ordered Giordano’s deep dish to be shipped to Oshkosh. It was delish.
Farmers Market!
Sassypants and I took a little walk.
I love my orange sheets. I did not love the Funfetti coffee creamer.
I made myself a cake to kick off BIRTHDAY WEEK!
Birthday hangs with Michelle + Liz
Mike got me Mickey balloons *hearts in eyes*
Turning 36 was fabulous!
A birthday photoshoot with Sadie because I am basic AND extra.
Off to Bloomington for the rest of my birthday!
Happy 9th birthday to the Gs!
Isn’t that rainbow light from Andrea amaaazing? She knows me well. It was a good month – see ya in September!


July. Mid-summer. Hot. Still in the times of COVID. Here are my pics. Mostly the dogs cause what else is there to photograph lately?

4th of July! We still had fun despite living in the weird times of COVID.
We took a boat ride!!!
Princess on her porch.
Butterscotch is the new Fiesta color this year. I like.
Every time I see a rainbow umbrella in the wild, I am giddy. It’s the little things in life, people!
My favorite pizza ever: Ratch & Deb’s.
My new Baby Yoda mug is PRECIOUS!  And Mike and I took a day trip to Madison.  Face masked up, walked around on State Street to view the BLM-inspired art, and visited the Terrace for lunch. It was a lovely day.

I was supposed to go to Disneyland for my birthday this year.  That’s not happening, obvi.  So I got a Mickey balloon mask!
Mike likes to cook and is great at it — this makes me a very lucky lady.
Outdoor dining at TJ’s was great.
Baby Yoda chalk art!  And Mike and I made cherry bounce.  The holidays are going to be liiiiiiiiiiit!

See y’all in August!


If 2020 were the year it was supposed to be, I would be in Alaska right about now.  But here we are.  Every plan is still canceled and who knows when life will return to “normal”.  Here’s another month of photos with not much goin’ on.

I always put stressed emoji stickers on my ufit water bottles!
Living that mask life.
Happy Fathers Day to Denny.
I met Navi!!! She belongs to my cousin John and his wife Kristin. I. Am. In. LOVE.
Anyone who says that dogs don’t have personalities is a liar.
Enjoying life on Mike’s patio instead of at a bar or restaurant cause hey guys, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.


Well shiiiiiiit, how y’all doin’?  Anyone else follow Leslie Jordan on Instagram?  His videos bring me joy and that’s my favorite phrase of his.  It’s appropriate because life has been weird for the vast majority of this year — and continues to be weird! 2020 will be one for the history books.  My May blog post is a week behind, but oh well.  Here are the pics!

The trees were finally starting to bloom — and Sadie got a new toy for summertime!
More crafts, more puzzles.  Mike and I spent 6 hours straight on that gingerbread house puzzle.  One of the many reasons why I think he’s a gem.
A walk around town and some homemade Dole Whip.
Another puzzle! And a quarantine birthday surprise for Michelle.
My baby girl;  and happy May the Fourth!
Lady date night with Michelle – Ratch & Deb’s, old fashioneds, and sitting outside in 50 degree weather because why not.
Mother’s Day weekend!
Scenes from a walk.
Happy Mother’s Day to the best momma in the world.
We walkin’.
2020 appropriate socks, right?
May is pink flower month!
GASP! Is that gray hair?!
Delicious peach cakes from Mike’s mom. Aren’t they dreamy?
Denny + Sadie are soulmates.
New hearts on my windows!
I love nothing more than hanging at home with my Sadie.
New doormat! Appropriate for June and Pride Month!
Memorial Day Weekend
A few baking projects and my favorite puzzle of all time.
I got my hair done for the first time in eons! Masked and blonde(er)!
Last weekend of the month.  We painted Mike’s kitchen from a horrible electric neon turquoise color to a pretty green. And we both love fun coffee mugs.

See ya next month!