I just got back from a 10 day trip to Alaska, so I’m catching up on all the things. I hope to get Alaska blogged before I leave for Europe in 3 weeks! Stay tuned. But for now, here’s June!

JB and I celebrated our June 1 work-iversaries – 7 years for me, 47 for her! And the new Fiesta color is so dreamy!
Took the fam to see Maverick!
Took the train down to Chicago for a Cubs game.
Got this lil’ Disney pin in memory of the purple road signs. RIP, purple road signs!
Doggos! And I got to hang out with my neighbor’s dog — also named Sadie. She was a LOVE.
But this is the superior Sadie. Obvi.
We went to see Maverick AGAIN. Third time :)
A little baking and a lot of cottonwood.
My last day with Schmoo before dropping her off at Auntie Ra’s house.