But I can see us lost in the memoryAugust slipped away into a moment in time‘Cause it was never mine

Of course I’m going to post some on-point T-Swift lyrics here. The best surprise is no surprise, right?
Anyway, here are the photos from August!  I also finished my Europe recap posts, which you can see here.

Schmoo was happy to see me when I returned from Europe — and the Henry the VIII + wives ornaments were my fav souvenir.
So happy to be back HOME with her.
Waterfest for the Beach Boys!
I survived my first week back at work post-vacation — and hey, spooky szn is approaching!
My little love.
Farmer’s market to kick off my birthday weekend! See also: I love axolotls!
It was a very healthy weekend ;)
My celebration with the kids involved rainbows and a huge banner *tears up*
Then we went to the Nature of Light at the Paine!
I decorated for my beloved SPOOKY SZN in August. Because as far as I’m concerned, once my birthday is over, it’s Halloweentime.
I also made Back to School cupcakes for the kiddos.

See ya in September!