I’ve been a busy little blogging bee over the past month or so — I added much to my TRAVELOGUES page! Including posts covering Chicago, San Antonio, and Las Vegas. And here’s November!

My house was decorated for Christmas by November 5th :)
I think the Cheese Balls ornament — or the Henry VIII + wives ornaments are my new favs!
Mike knows me well and got me a Jazz Solo Cup mug. Long live the 90s!
I got to meet BEEFY! Great name for a dog LOL
Another successful TEDx
A and I went mini-golfing
I love collecting things… mmm pins. And that iridescent Starbucks tumbler is what my dreams are made of.
Happy Thanksgiving
And then the plague struck me down.
Good thing I have the best little friend to keep me company while stuck home sick.
Sinus infection fun to round out the month! See ya next month… which will hopefully be healthier!