If 2020 were the year it was supposed to be, I would be in Alaska right about now.  But here we are.  Every plan is still canceled and who knows when life will return to “normal”.  Here’s another month of photos with not much goin’ on.

I always put stressed emoji stickers on my ufit water bottles!
Living that mask life.
Happy Fathers Day to Denny.
I met Navi!!! She belongs to my cousin John and his wife Kristin. I. Am. In. LOVE.
Anyone who says that dogs don’t have personalities is a liar.
Enjoying life on Mike’s patio instead of at a bar or restaurant cause hey guys, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic.


Well shiiiiiiit, how y’all doin’?  Anyone else follow Leslie Jordan on Instagram?  His videos bring me joy and that’s my favorite phrase of his.  It’s appropriate because life has been weird for the vast majority of this year — and continues to be weird! 2020 will be one for the history books.  My May blog post is a week behind, but oh well.  Here are the pics!

The trees were finally starting to bloom — and Sadie got a new toy for summertime!
More crafts, more puzzles.  Mike and I spent 6 hours straight on that gingerbread house puzzle.  One of the many reasons why I think he’s a gem.
A walk around town and some homemade Dole Whip.
Another puzzle! And a quarantine birthday surprise for Michelle.
My baby girl;  and happy May the Fourth!
Lady date night with Michelle – Ratch & Deb’s, old fashioneds, and sitting outside in 50 degree weather because why not.
Mother’s Day weekend!
Scenes from a walk.
Happy Mother’s Day to the best momma in the world.
We walkin’.
2020 appropriate socks, right?
May is pink flower month!
GASP! Is that gray hair?!
Delicious peach cakes from Mike’s mom. Aren’t they dreamy?
Denny + Sadie are soulmates.
New hearts on my windows!
I love nothing more than hanging at home with my Sadie.
New doormat! Appropriate for June and Pride Month!
Memorial Day Weekend
A few baking projects and my favorite puzzle of all time.
I got my hair done for the first time in eons! Masked and blonde(er)!
Last weekend of the month.  We painted Mike’s kitchen from a horrible electric neon turquoise color to a pretty green. And we both love fun coffee mugs.

See ya next month!


April, you were another weird month because we’re still sitting in this SITUATION.  Aside from having nowhere to go and nothing to do on the weekends, life hasn’t changed much.  I still put on real clothes and go to work everyday (though our office is still closed to the public).  So all in all, I can’t complain.  But I’m still sad that all of our scheduled vacations and plans for this year are getting canceled.  It’s just a bummer — especially for someone who doesn’t handle changes in plans very well.  Here’s hoping that May will be alright.

PS: this month’s photos are really just Sadie + me.  That’s it.  Because what else is there right now?!

Denny put a mask on my childhood bear, BoBo. Adorable.
Sadie and I take walks around our neighborhood; and so begins all the jigsaw puzzling.
Locals businesses have put hearts in their storefront windows. I love this.
Funfetti Mickey waffle because… why not?
Mike and I went to Kohler-Andrae – it was good to take a drive, walk around, and have some fresh air.
Baking! Tiger King-inspired cookie cake. And that toilet paper cookie was from a bakery in Appleton.
Another puzzle! And Baby Yoda nails… because when you aren’t seeing clients, you can do such things.
I put hearts in my windows, too.
I celebrated 5 years in my house on April 10th.  And my momma turned 70 on April 11th!
I made her Snoopy cupcakes.
I spent the whole of birthday/Easter weekend at 4848. Life ain’t bad.
Love my momma. I can’t believe she’s 70. So lucky I’ve been… to have all these years with her.
We did another puzzle! Because what else do you do?!
The next day was Easter. Bunnnnnny time!
We’ve been ordering a lot of takeout (support Oshkosh biz!) — Takiza was great.
She is my absolute joy.
Mike has introduced me to Game of Thrones (I know, I know, I’m VERY LATE to this party).  But what a party.  I’m very into it — despite all of the beheadings and killings and boobs and incest and insanity.  Upper right photo is my face watching any given episode.
A rainbow of delicious things.
It’s been aggressively windy this month.
Another weekend, another puzzle. GOLDEN GIRLS!
I’ve also gotten back into baking. Woo!
Baby girl likes the sunshine.
Oh, look, ANOTHER puzzle!
A+ pink sky
Cosmic brownies + homemade Spaghettios (OMG) + fluffernutter cookies
Beannie had cataract surgery #1 this week; and it rained… a lot.
That’s a wrap for April.  See ya in a month!


Well. Here we are. In the midst of a global pandemic. Life is weird right now. Every plan I have has been canceled. Every meeting. Every appointment. My calendar is empty. Vacations are being canceled (though hopefully postponed until next year)!  I’m also very grateful that I have a job, I have a paycheck, I have a safe and cute house, and the world’s greatest dog. Life is weird right now, but shit could be worse.

But I have a feeling that April will be worse — though I hope I’m wrong.  Until then, here are my life photos from March.

The Oshkosh Then & Now exhibition at the Museum is pretty cool.
Oh to be a dog.
The start of quarantine: takeout, cocktails, flowers.
BABY YODA POP SOCKET! Thanks to Mike :)
Quarantine weekend 2: Pandemic the board game! Too soon?
Quarantine weekend 3: baking, puzzles.
And Golden Girls and adult coloring books.
DONUTS! What a way to end the month.


This month’s blog post will be 90% dog photos.  Because a) dogs are my world and b) I didn’t do anything too exciting this month.  Happy hearts and love month!

Gus; a mediocre old fashioned from TJ’s
Michelle and I went walking when it was, like, 50 degrees in early February. Glorious!
I have “borrowed” this scarf permanently from my mom; and some Manderfield’s treats from Denny!
Valentine’s treats from Oaks — and Oshkosh now has a CINNABON! Woot woot!
The warm weather from early February didn’t last long.
I housesat for my parents for a week.  Not bad waking up to this view every day.
Unicorn car wash vibes; and MEGA STUF Oreos are BACK!
The loves of my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day
Got to meet Ollie (and get to babysit him in March!) — and a new Florida mug from my parents.
I wasn’t lying when I said this post would have an excessive amount of dog photos.
Rainbow sprinkles are a gift to this world.
Sturgeon spearing season at Wendt’s!
A trip to Milwaukee to see Jillian — and have brunch at Harbor House.
The many faces of Sadie.
Got a few Strange Planet items (I love those comics so much!) — and BABY YODA! Yes, I am 35 years old and needed a stuffed animal Baby Yoda. I welcome your judgment.
Happy Fat Tuesday!
Paislee, Sadie, and a 7-layer dip.
Rounded out the month with a two-day migraine. Fun times! Onward to March!