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This is gonna be a big ol’ blog post! SO MUCH going on in July. The month passed by in the blink of an eye, but also… the 4th of July seems like it was 4 months ago, not 4 weeks ago. Onward!

Kicked off the month with a trip across the lake to the goat farm. I LOVED IT (despite how that one photo looks…). I now want a pet goat.
Sadie Sadie! My dad loves Sadie photos, so there will be plenty in this post.
The 4th of July.
The largest old fashioned – well done, Ground Round. And I looooove the Disney Starbucks mugs. I hope they continue to make them forever and ever. HERE, TAKE ALL MY MONEY.
Pete and I took a day trip to Madison. Every time I’m there my heart hurts (in a good way).
Cause those really were the good old days. I miss my classmates, immunology, microbiology, and nearly everything about Madison.
Isn’t the Microbial Sciences building pretty?
Upon our return to Oshkosh, we walked through Sawdust Days. Classy times.
Mothership and I visited the Green Bay Botanical Gardens’ LEGO displays. On what had to be the hottest afternoon of the summer. We still had fun!
We stopped at the mall on our way home and I discovered something truly life-changing: DOLE WHIP IS NOW SOLD OUTSIDE OF DISNEY! #BLESS
The next day we went to Madison for brunch at Mint Mark (which I loved) and a little shopping at Hilldale. Time together outside of work is pretty awesome and very necessary.
Then, of course, a migraine struck me down for almost 5 days. The joys of being a woman, I tell ya.
Waterfest fun with Denny.
I love deep-cleaning my house. Does that make me weird? It’s therapeutic.
Went down to Brookfield to visit Andrea and Ryan — and my favorite taco place, Bel Air.
EAA!! I love it so much.
Pete was very patient as I took 3,274 hot air balloon photos. The balloon glow is so awesome!
I had all three pups at my house for a day last week. It was intense. :) Also, please note how dainty Miss Sadie is sitting in the lower left photo.
My quest to try all pizza in Oshkosh continues. Red’s was just OK.
An afternoon at EAA with my momma.
My dad brought 40 yellow roses and a cookie cake to the office to celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary. He’s so sweet.
One more day at EAA! This time for the Runway 5K!
It was so fun – and totally worth waking up at 4:45am for! The 6am balloon launch was awesome.

I love sunflowers. I also love that Pete is a good sport and was totally willing to drive me up to the sunflower festival in Cecil, WI.
We stopped at a random bar in Cecil for a beer. And isn’t that mural in Shawano cuuuuute?
Dinner in Birnamwood. Drinks in Waupaca.
Sunday the 29th was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.  We went up to Door County to celebrate.
Got a little day-drunk at Stabbur. And had a delicious dinner at Chop.
July, you were really fun. Up next: MY BIRTH MONTH!!!

June is always a favorite month – the weather is usually perfect and summer is just beginning. Here are the pics!
My mom and I started off the month by going to Chicago to see a Taylor Swift concert. The show as AWESOME (I think my mom enjoyed it more than she thought she would). The only downfall was that the weather was freeeeezing. Who woulda thought for June?!
Dive bar on the east side, where you at?
I always eat donuts on vacation.
Very healthy eating.
The South Loop has changed SO MUCH. My old apartment building now has a weird-but-cool mural on it!
We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, which was beautiful.
Our architecture tour via boat was great – even though our tour guide was a littttttttle wacky.
Miss you always, Chicago.
Back in Oshkosh – cozying up to Sadie and some pizza.
Sometimes you’re just too tired to stand and drink your water.
Fathers Day — a day to celebrate Denny! He’s been the BEST dad.
Lots of Sadie. Plus a trip to a local shop for ice cream — my mom HAD to try the licorice flavor. The black ice cream didn’t photograph well though.
Summertime; and get-well balloons for Russell, my favorite 90-something.
Hairball at Waterfest!!
I really fall off the healthy-eating wagon on the weekends, don’t I?
Farmers Market.
Annual baseball game with my momma. The Brewers lost though!
And we wrapped up the month by taking a sneak peek tour of our latest event space, the Howard. It is going to be AMAZING.

Look at me and how EARLY I am this month with my post! There are still a handful of hours left in the month of May! But oh my, May was a big month. A lot going on. Plus, you know, my dad’s open-heart surgery. No big deal. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. The second half of the month was completely askew.  He had the procedure done in Milwaukee and had an extended stay in the ICU, so there was a lot of driving back and forth — and a lot of time off from work. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in June. While it was a stressful month, it was also a good month. The surgery was a success and my dad is on the road to full recovery – we’re lucky the problem was discovered and able to be fixed.

Here are the photos!
Sadie photos, obvi.
Celebrating Michelle’s birthday.
Pete raises money every year for Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Bowl for Kids event. Spoiler alert: I’m much better at Wii bowling than real bowling.
Spent a nice Saturday at High Cliff. It was muddy and dirty hiking, but still fun.
Then we climbed the big ol’ observation tower in Calumet County. Pete is afraid of heights but, to his credit, wanted to get to the top anyway. I was happily buzzed with my old fashioned — and he was having major anxiety in that photo.
The next day we visited Holy Hill. He worked there in his youth — and I had major flashbacks to my days in Catholic schools. Why do all churches smell the same?
More scenes of May.
Unintentional twinning.
Mothers Day!
LOVE MY MOMMA. As do the dogs.
We stayed at the Kimpton in Milwaukee the night before my dad’s surgery. I’ll always love this hotel.
Nervous, pre-surgery Denny. And a pretty sunset.
The plant in the waiting room of St. Luke’s; plus, a trip home to care for the dogs.
Where I spent quite a bit of time; St. Luke’s was great though – friendly staff, caring nurses, good doctors, and a decent cafeteria. No complaints!
The 10 days of blooms = my favorite.
My heart necklace was appropriate; and Sadie knew we needed extra snuggles! Also, the lakeflies were terrible this year. Terrible.
Peace out, hospital!
Really good book; and a unicorn cookie for Scarlett, the daughter of the dogs’ groomer.
My mom and I attended the Women’s Fund luncheon – Jeannette Walls was an interesting speaker!
Kicked off Memorial Day Weekend with some cuteness. Rainbow sprinklesssss!
Donuts on yard work day; post-yard work day drinks.
Cocktails at OYC plus a pink heart balloon that got sucked out of a moonroof 30 seconds after this photo was taken.
The first little rainbow of the season. I love rainbows. But y’all know this.
Here’s to moving on to June – hopefully it brings good health and happy summer memories.
And finally, a big shoutout to Pete.  He’s done so much to help my parents this month (lawn care! yard work! furniture pick up! you name it!) — and I wasn’t the easiest person to be around due to worry and stress, so basically, he’s been a saint.

My April post is a little late — but better late than never (or, as Blanche Deveraux would say, “better late than… pregnant!”).  Here are this month’s photos!

Easter weekend! Sadie has no chill.
Made a killer cheese-and-crackers tray for Pete’s family’s Easter celebration – please note the inclusion of cheddar bunnies.
Then the following week I was sick. But on a positive note: balloons and Teresa winning for judge!

Momma’s birthday! I forced her to take the afternoon off work – so we went for manicures and a little shopping! Love her to the moon and back.
We had a freak spring mega-snowstorm right in the middle of April. What else is there to do besides dye your hair (temporarily) pink, make rainbow sprinkle cookies, and visit the Dollar Tree?!
Smiley balloon from Pete / oil rainbow / and winter just won’t quit!
Went to Milwaukee to visit Jillian!  Had to visit Batches cookies!
I really do miss Milwaukee; it was my fav.
Fav Mexican food at Bel Aire Cantina! And a very Wisconsin dinner with Pete in Winneconne.
My sweet Denny is so thoughtful – he knew I’d love that Disney magazine!
And the last weekend of the month was spent in Atlanta with Nicole!
The BeltLine, with all of its colorful street art, was my fav.
I really did like Atlanta – we had fun shopping, eating, and walking around.
Get yourself a guy who, after you’ve only been gone 48 hours, picks you up from the airport with a balloon, bananas (that are just a little green, as you like them), and a bag of honeycrisp apples – cause he knew you would want healthy foods for the week ahead. What a gem.

March is never my favorite month. It’s an inbetween month. Not quite spring. Not entirely winter. Nothing exciting going on. No more week-long spring breaks to look forward to. Aside from St. Patrick’s Day, not much happens. But I managed to squeeze a lot into the month! Here are the pics.

Sadie snuggles / happy hour with Marianne and a bunch of lawyers / yellow is the happiest color.
Rooms of Blooms! Michelle and I met at Rooms of Blooms 2 years ago. We were wearing the exact same dress and we’ve been great friends ever since. Girl friendships are awesome like that.
Had to recognize International Women’s Day! / and some cute Sadie pics, obvi
Shamrock Shufflin’! / cheese curds are a great love of my life / Black Panther was entertaining (to me; Pete hated it!)
When you’ve got a guy in your life that remembered, from your very first date, that you love balloons… and then surprises you with balloons on a random Tuesday… HE’S A GEM / Moscow mulin’ with lady lawyer night! / Girl Scout cookie season is a great highlight of March!
Touring a submarine in Manitowoc; it was more awesome than I was expecting.
Look at all those instructions for using the toilet! I would screw up and sink the ship. / Manitowoc was cute; should visit more often.
More cheese curds – the only good thing about our meal at Horse & Plow in Kohler. Usually it’s so good but man, what a disappointment this time!
Wall o’ toilets / And while I swooned over the beautiful bathrooms at the design center, Pete merely tolerated them. #menarefrommars #womenarefromvenus
Winterspring / and all three fluffs waiting for my mom to come home.
I miss Milwaukee!
Sadie loves her new pretzel toy.
Easter is comin’! / plus a fun Good Friday happy hour
Am I a 33-year old lawyer…or a teenage girl? Based on my most recent trip to Ulta, it’s a toss up / I pretty much hate Starbucks’ new line of mugs, which is good, because I need another mug collection like I need a hole in the head / pretty Lambeau; had dinner at 1919, which was just alright.
Green Bay Gamblers game! Fun fact: they do racing beer cans. Two of them slipped and fell on the ice. One couldn’t get up. Busch Light won. I love Wisconsin.