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Here we go with May!

The beginning of May marked my return from Disneyland.
And May the 4th brought a trip to Milwaukee
To see Hadestown! It was just okay; not sure if I’d recommend it.
Still riding that happy Disney wave.
Then we did a New York City-themed weekend with the kids
Did you know custard was invented in NYC?
Pink flower season is so beautiful!
Happy Momma’s Day!
The kids’ school art show plus some sushi!
Then Christina and I were off to Milwaukee for Lizzo!
Then I got to babysit Coco for a few days!
Ahhhh we now have a GREETINGS MURAL!
And another great piece of art!
New Pride sunglasses! And look at that beauty of a paint job!
I planted flowers for the first time in my life. Denny would have loved it.
Memorial Day weekend vibes
See ya next month!


Another month has come and gone! My post is a little early because I leave for Disneyland tomorrow.  Bethany and I were supposed to be in Disneyland back in January…but then, well, you know what happened in January.  So this is our happy happy reschedule. I also have two trips to Chicago blog about.  So lots to come in May. Hope my two readers here have had a delightful spring.

Mike and I started the month by taking a quick 24 hour trip to Chicago. We stopped at Cook’s in Milwaukee so I could get my baking supply fix, then to the Mars Cheese Castle, and then onward to Illinois.
Purpose of the trip was to see Book of Mormon!
The show was HILARIOUS, we loved it.
Wouldn’t be a trip to Chicago without Stan’s donuts.
Dinner at the St. Clair Supper Club. Wisconsin vibes in Chicago.
We stopped at IKEA on the way home, then Oaks to get candy for Easter.
Sadie was not happy to be leaving Grandma.
Eggcellent egg dyeing.
And then I spent Easter Sunday at the emergency vet with Sadie because we think she sprained her back — she couldn’t walk, wasn’t interested in eating or drinking, and screamed every time she was touched. Poor bubs. But nothing some serious painkillers couldn’t fix!
My sweet momma’s birthday was also this month!
It wasn’t the same without Denny but we tried to make the day special for her.
Sadie on her pain pills… a vibe.
The waves of grief.
Cheesecake Factory time!
Gearing up to go to Disneyland.
See ya in May!


The month after the month after the worst month. Here are the pics.

Lots of Sadie around here.
Masked up to get my vaccinations for Morocco.
A little spring baking.
The kids got me into this precious Japanese cartoon called Gudetama. Basically, he’s a depressed egg and I am obsessed.
March 10 was Mario day!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day — Michelle and I shuffled our shamrocks.
A blanket-making weekend.
We went to see Jeff Dunham, then it was St. Patrick’s Day!
A Wednesday/Enid cake for the kids.
My momma and I headed off to Vegas and left the fluffs with Auntie. I love the pic of them at the door.
Sushi Lover in Oshkosh was great — highly recommend. See you all in April!


The month after the worst month ever. One day at a time.
I finally hung up those posters. They’ve been sitting in my upstairs office for nearly a year.
My SIX pin collection… I’m obsessed. Mark this day in history: Annie REALLY enjoyed a musical.
Thank you notes upon thank you notes.
Sadie continues to look for my dad. Though less now. I think she knows.
My babies!!
E colored that sugar skull for me. She gets me.
A sweet collection of gifts from the sweetest of friends.
Cherry glazers are next level good.
Happy almost-Valentine’s Day! The kids got me sweet cards and some Doritos (swoon!). I got them an axolotl cake. Cause who doesn’t love an axolotl?
On Valentine’s Day, Mike and I went up to Door County to scatter some of my dad’s cremains. Heavy, sad, bittersweet, peaceful, aching day.
But my Denny showed up… a little rainbow. A rainbow that has never been there in all my hundreds of visits to the dock. But it was there this time.
Mike made the day all the sweeter — roses, presents, and heart-shaped pizza. And a little Valentine from Annie and her kids.
Did I get flannel Costco sheets? Yes. Yes I did.
Get yourself a guy who buys you a GIGANTIC stuffed Peep because he knows it will spark joy.
The Christmas tree finally came down. Late February. It was time.
A new shower curtain because yes, I need more rainbows in my life.
Took the kids to a Bucks game!
Adios, February.


January. The worst month.

The month started out just fine. New Year’s Day Packers game!
While I was at the Packers game, my dad was hospitalized again. He never came home this time. Denny died on January 5th.
He died at 4:05am at a hospital in Milwaukee. We tried to get there in time but couldn’t.
Bethany was on my doorstep two days later. Rolanda soon followed.
I saw many rainbows in the few days after his death. An actual rainbow… in Wisconsin… in January. I’m choosing to believe it was his energy, telling me that everything is okay and will be okay.
Bethany and I hit the sights… Culver’s and Fleet Farm.
Cardboard mountain, Festival, the post office.
Marianne baked bread for me. Gregory and Steph sent the most beautiful, perfect flowers.
On the day he died, this piece was ready at the local framer. Another nod from the universe, I think.
Mike, Bethany, and I had drinks at Oblio’s. Then pizza at Ratch & Deb’s. Very Oshkosh.
we worked hard on selecting photos for his Celebration. Lizz dropped off more comfort carbs.
Steph sent rainbow treats and a toy for Sadie. We hit up Culver’s again.
Christina sent beautiful flowers. An Elmer’s toast to Denny.
Slices of normal life in a very not normal time.
Michelle gave me blue Jello, as my dad always did. And my emotional support iridescent Startbucks tumbler was my security object for two weeks.
My MPH girls sent beautiful flowers. And we went to Cleo’s to be enveloped in Christmas lights.
Annie sent me candy.
We went to dinner in Ripon with friends. And I got a sparkly new shower liner because… find joy where we can.
Oaks vs. Hughes showdown!
With a photo stop at the Oregon St dinosaurs.
The winner? HUGHES!
Best friend’ing and crying.
Star shoes for his celebration and a rainbow nail.
Mary Meghan made me beautiful pottery. Kelly gave me a rainbow travel book.
Anne gave me the Denny bracelet. I wear it everyday.
We did it. We threw him the best and most meaningful party that we could.
Bethany and Dan left. Mike and I went to see SIX… which was great fun.
More flowers. People have been so good.
My painting of all my dogs was finished! I hired a local artist to do it for me.
Twenty days after he died, we finally were able to bring him home.
I went to the Chalice and cried. His favorite Oshkosh restaurant.
I cleaned my house, changed out some artwork. Reorganized many things.
Made little photo nooks on my bookshelf.
Went to Little Switz for a day with Mike and his family.
Came back and took my parents’ Christmas tree down. Another step.
Sadie looking CUTE in her rainbow sweater. I wish my dad could have seen her. Maybe he has.
Went to Costco and cried.

It’s been quite the month, with every emotion in the book running through my veins.