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Hi, hi! Sorry my April post is so late. But I have lots to share with the handful of people that read this blog. I finished my trip posts for the past month:
Las Vegas

And here are the usual life photos from April!

The cutest little Easter basket cookie from Denny!
Happy birthday, Momma! I adore you!
Easter time!
The girls are starting to get along. Slowly but surely!
Hoppy Easter!
Stella’s Cheese Bread. IYKYK.
Thanks for the Easter goodies, Auntie Ra!
Sassy Sadie.

Some new wall hangings upstairs.
Mike bought me Lisa Frank cookies. He gets me. To my core.
Kids get all the fun drinks.
The Chloe meme from 2010-ish will forever be a favorite. And Sadie’s face while Coco was visiting reminded me of it.
See you in May!


Hiya! Last day of March and we’ve had snow, cold, wind, and rain. I’ve never liked March because it’s such a tease. So close to spring but yet so impossibly far. Anyway, here are this month’s photos.

Came home from Florida to reality and the news about Ukraine. Sunflowers forever.
Also came home from Florida with a bad cold that morphed into a double ear infection and a sinus infection. But thank science for antibiotics which fixed all my problems!
Rooms of Blooms at the Paine
It was so bright and happy this year; and extra LOLs to the florist who decided to use a name tag that said c*nt!
Vote on April 5!
Denny had his cataracts fixed!
It felt like spring for a day.
Happy St. Pat’s!
Denny had surgery #2 on St. Pat’s!
Aren’t my new magnets of Sadie and Coco adorable?
90s night at the Howard!
Date afternoon at Bernie’s Chalet at Lakefront Brewery.
Schmoo boo.
Mothership and I went up to Green Bay to see Eric Church.  We stayed at the very lovely Lodge Kohler.
I convinced her to go to the bar with me before the show. ‘atta girl.
My momma is the cutest. Love her.
So Eric Church was pretty great. I didn’t know a single one of his songs before the show but I really really enjoyed it.
Giannis made an appearance at this game – super cool.
We took Denny to German night at the Gibson Social Club.
See y’all in April.


Helloooo! I’m back with my post of February photos – which is 90% dog photos, tbh. I also did all of my travelogue posts for my Florida trip, which you can see HERE. Hope you all had a nice February.


Here are my pics from January, a quiet and low-key start to the year.

Happy 2 years to Mike.
Thanks to Denny for bringing me Hurts Donuts!!
OK so this post was 95% dog pics and selfies. As I do.


December was a WHIRLWIND of a month – holy cow. I am currently enjoying my New Year’s weekend of doing nothing to compensate for all the things I did in December! Hope you all had a happy holiday season.

Started the month with Mike’s son’s birthday – sports themed cake FTW!
Time to decorate my parents’ tree.
We took a trip to Milwaukee with the kids to see Harry Potter in concert – it was delightful.
Gingerbread party time!
Mike also had a birthday in December!
Another trip to the vet for Schmoo. She was anxiously awaiting.
Took Mike to Silvercryst for a birthday dinner – it was our first time there – loved the mauve and green decor! ;-)
A highlight of the holiday season for me — assembling the Home Alone LEGO set! OMFGGGGG.
Mike’s step-brother and wife came to visit us!
We had a blast at the Packers v. Bears game!
Public service announcement: the brandy old fashioned kringle from Uncle Mike’s bakery is amazing.
Cookie baking day!
Mike and I had date night at Becket’s. I was tickled to see the old Main St. Christmas decorations being used above the old Park Plaza benches-now-booths.
We headed to Bloomington the weekend before Christmas.
And we met COCO! She’s a 6 month old Aussiedoodle – rescued from a bad breeder situation. Thanks to Mike’s stepmom for basically insisting that Mike adopt her.
Cherry bounce season is here.
I napped so hard on the 23rd that I woke up not knowing where I was or what day it was LOL
Gearing up for Christmas.
Coco and Sadie met. It went… OK. We need to work on this friendship situation but I am hopeful that they will one day be BFFs!
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
My neighbors also got a puppy! I was so happy to meet sweet Otis.
Mike and kids headed to Iowa for his grandmother’s funeral, so I got to babysit Miss Coco.
New Year’s Eve!
We did a casino night/Las Vegas themed NYE for the kids – it was a blast. I made Vegas casino-themed cupcakes and made the kids match the cupcake to the casino name.
Circus Circus // The Stardust (gone, but my favorite neon sign so I had to include it) // The Stratosphere // Treasure Island
Binion’s Horseshoe // The Bellagio // The Golden Nugget // The Sahara
The Flamingo // Caesar’s Palace // The Cosmopolitan // The Paris
The MGM Grand // New York New York // The Excalibur // The Luxor
The world lost Betty White on NYE. She always felt like a grandmother to me because I used to watch her with my own grandmother. All my Golden Girls are gone but they will forever bring me feelings of comfort and safety and for that I’m grateful. And damn, even in her death… she was a master of timing. (People Magazine published a cover story about her turning 100 and it was set to hit newsstands this week — the comedic timing of her death just makes me LOL — gotta love her!)
Mike taught the kids roulette and blackjack; I made Fat Elvis sundaes (chocolate ice cream, peanut butter sauce, bananas, and a cherry on top)
Cheers! I hope 2022 brings you all health and happiness.