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But I can see us lost in the memoryAugust slipped away into a moment in time‘Cause it was never mine

Of course I’m going to post some on-point T-Swift lyrics here. The best surprise is no surprise, right?
Anyway, here are the photos from August!  I also finished my Europe recap posts, which you can see here.

Schmoo was happy to see me when I returned from Europe — and the Henry the VIII + wives ornaments were my fav souvenir.
So happy to be back HOME with her.
Waterfest for the Beach Boys!
I survived my first week back at work post-vacation — and hey, spooky szn is approaching!
My little love.
Farmer’s market to kick off my birthday weekend! See also: I love axolotls!
It was a very healthy weekend ;)
My celebration with the kids involved rainbows and a huge banner *tears up*
Then we went to the Nature of Light at the Paine!
I decorated for my beloved SPOOKY SZN in August. Because as far as I’m concerned, once my birthday is over, it’s Halloweentime.
I also made Back to School cupcakes for the kiddos.

See ya in September!


I leave for Europe today (!!!) and will be gone for three weeks. So here is my July post now cause it’ll be one less thing to do when I return.
Mike and I are going to England, Ireland, the Netherlands, and France – it’s finally happening! I’m finally going! See y’all in August

Schmoo was very mad at me when I came home from Alaska. I bribed her with a new toy and she got over it. :)
The kids made me a giant rainbow for my house – and we enjoyed the Farmer’s Market.
Salad, flowers, and rainbow windows.
All four of my babies met each other and it went pretty well!
Happy 4th! I was a dumb dumb and scheduled two cavitiy fillings for the day after the holiday. Womp womp.
Happy hour with Mike to celebrate his new job.
New restaurant – the Taqueria!
A weather front rolled through which triggered a migraine for me. SIGH. At least I had the cutest nurse Sadie. Also, the rainbow Tevas are very on-brand for me, don’t you think?
Sadie and her axolotl toy!
My sweet girl. Dropped her off at my parents’ so she can live her very best lake life while I’m away.


I finished my Alaska travel posts!


I just got back from a 10 day trip to Alaska, so I’m catching up on all the things. I hope to get Alaska blogged before I leave for Europe in 3 weeks! Stay tuned. But for now, here’s June!

JB and I celebrated our June 1 work-iversaries – 7 years for me, 47 for her! And the new Fiesta color is so dreamy!
Took the fam to see Maverick!
Took the train down to Chicago for a Cubs game.
Got this lil’ Disney pin in memory of the purple road signs. RIP, purple road signs!
Doggos! And I got to hang out with my neighbor’s dog — also named Sadie. She was a LOVE.
But this is the superior Sadie. Obvi.
We went to see Maverick AGAIN. Third time :)
A little baking and a lot of cottonwood.
My last day with Schmoo before dropping her off at Auntie Ra’s house.


Here are the photos from May!

Sadie got a doggy cookie from Mike + the kids.
Michelle’s birthday party.
Mother’s Day festivities.
Bought myself the rainbow flowers because… duh.
Open house at the kids’ school + a trip to Illinois for an anniversary party.
Went to urgent care for a torn muscle in my shoulder. That I got from changing the sheets on my bed. Middle age comes at ya FAST.
Sadiesaurus! Jurassic Park weekend begins.
“big ol’ pile of shit” cupcake and Mr. DNA!
Dino nuggets for the kids. Chilean sea bass for the adults — “we spared no expense!” Mr. Hammond would approve.
Memorial Day Weekend – went to see Top Gun Maverick and it was the BEST.
My sweetheart. See ya next month!