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Here are my September photos;  October will be a big month… I’m headed to Morocco in a few days!


The August post is very late… whoops. But here we go…

We have been converted to the church of the Stanley.
Back to the fair!
Reunion with Andrea!
Shelli celebrated 25 years with us at work.
Preparing for my birthday partyyyyyy
The start of birthday weekend: farmers market!
Dinner at the Del Bar – loved it.
Every year on my birthday weekend, I request to go to Homegoods to look at all the Halloween decor. Spooky szn is the best.
The theme of my birthday this year: Barbie & Taylor
My friend Stephanie came to visit me from California. We gave her a big ol’ Wisconsin welcome.
We packed so much into 2 days!
Gus & Gracie turned 12 on the 30th.
And the kids’ new middle school opened at the end of August — it’s so shiny and spiffy and new!

’til next month.


Here’s July!

My flower babies have done so well.
Went to see Barbie twice :) See ya in August!


Here we go with June!

Happy Pride Month! Happy 8 yr + 48 yr workiversary to me and Mothership!
Inflatable Skee Ball!
The kids got these sunnies for Schmoo.
Love all the new murals downtown.
Sadie and Coco: FRENEMIES for life.
Yes, I 100% fell for the McDonald’s nostalgia marketing with Grimace’s birthday.
We went to Door County for a work conference.
Got some new art!
Baseball games.
Poor Gus had more dental surgery!
A family friend delivered my favorite rainbow chocolates to my office!
Gearing up for the 4th!


Here we go with May!

The beginning of May marked my return from Disneyland.
And May the 4th brought a trip to Milwaukee
To see Hadestown! It was just okay; not sure if I’d recommend it.
Still riding that happy Disney wave.
Then we did a New York City-themed weekend with the kids
Did you know custard was invented in NYC?
Pink flower season is so beautiful!
Happy Momma’s Day!
The kids’ school art show plus some sushi!
Then Christina and I were off to Milwaukee for Lizzo!
Then I got to babysit Coco for a few days!
Ahhhh we now have a GREETINGS MURAL!
And another great piece of art!
New Pride sunglasses! And look at that beauty of a paint job!
I planted flowers for the first time in my life. Denny would have loved it.
Memorial Day weekend vibes
See ya next month!