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August, as far as I’m concerned, can peace outttt this year.  I was over-scheduled and spread too thin.  My birthday was lackluster.  I had three bad migraines.  You know… it just was not a great month, despite doing many fun things (see below!).  So here’s to September, which will be better!  I just know it!

Started the month with a trip to Iowa.
Field of Dreams for all the baseball lovers in my life.
Mike’s grandma lives in Iowa and visiting her was the reason for the trip.
Back with my boo.
I got my hair done… it was long overdue.
JB and I went to our annual weekday Brewers game.
Mike and the kids and I went to the fair.
Farmers Market
Cookies from Denny – and scenes from my one-on-one night with one of Mike’s daughters.
August brought 80s/90s weekend with the kids. Oh myyyyy.
Then I dogsat for my parents… and while the view was a delight, Gus and his separation anxiety was not!
So begins spooky szn!! And the UWay kickoff — drinks were necessary.
I turned 37 on the 21st. It was not a great birthday weekend for a variety of reasons – migraine being first and foremost. Womp.
Mike gave me cheese. DREAMY!!!
The kids wanted to go to the Mineshaft to celebrate my birthday. I got Skee Ball out of the deal, so I was happy!
Another one-on-one night — this time with Mike’s oldest daughter.
The Gs turned 10 on the 30th! TEN!
One-on-one night with Mike’s son.
Flowers Market
Sadie making herself at home at Mike’s house; and S and I did some watercoloring
I baked a lot.
She’s so sweet; her seizure situation seems to be improving, so fingers crossed.



Here’s my life in July!

Sadie was mad at me when I came back from Iceland.  She got over it quickly.
Happy 4th of July!
Peak Wisconsin’ing: supper club, Gille’s custard, old fashioneds.
A day visiting Mike’s BFF
Me at the doctor’s office FINALLY getting a prescription migraine medication!!
Sadie loved Shark Week
Christmas in July with the kids — we surprised them with their trip to Disney + Universal!
Plus a day at the pool and lake.
My very best girl.
We took the kids to Waterfest to see the Gin Blossoms — 90s vibes!
EAA begins and yet another trip to the vet for Sadie (and her continual seizures!)
In the parking lot of the vet’s office, giving my Schmoo lots of love.
Farmer’s Market’ing. It was…. h-u-m-i-d
EAA volunteering with my Dad!
And EAA with Mike + kiddos!
Balloon Glow :)


My Iceland trip posts are finished! // Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


I am leaving for Iceland TODAY, so here is June’s post a little early!

New Fiesta color for the year — Twilight.  And so began our Mexico weekend with the kids.
Farmer’s Market!
Door County for an elder law conference with JB!
A very PINK farmer’s market — check out that beet salad from Caribbean Taste!
Back to Door County for vacation with Mike + kids
Mint chip ice cream is the best ice cream.
We painted names on Anderson Dock.
Breakfast at Al’s.
Went to the beach at Whitefish Dunes state park.
Back home to see Sadieboo.
Went to Milwaukee to have lunch with Jillian — and my, Bayshore has gotten colorful.
Happy Father’s Day to Denny!


May, one of my favorite months of the year, as come to a close.  May is great — the weather is delightful (read: not hot), the flowering trees are blooming, and the optimism of spring is all around.  June will be fun though because — surprise — I’m going to ICELAND!  I have never in my life taken a spur-of-the-moment trip… until now.  So I’m sure I will have SO MUCH to post about in June. But until then, here’s May!

Oh those pink flowering trees are my favorite.
The warmer weather marks the beginning of porch season.
Cinco de Mayo at the beginning of May = tacos galore.
Sadie, just casually watching some TV before bed in that upper left frame.
Walk with Mike — plus I got to see the colorful bridge lights in rainbow order!
Anytime I see a killer sunset (or sunrise…or rainbow) I become GIDDY. I always feel lucky to see something so beautiful that will never happen in the same way ever again.
We went to the Downtown Oshkosh Star Wars day celebration – it was very cute.
Star Wars sushi at Manila
I got very sweet mother’s day cards from Mike and the kids — I didn’t expect it and it was wonderful. We also went to the Mineshaft’s game room for the first time — holy crap. Skee Ballllll!
Mother’s Day with my wonderful momma.
Migraine time.  And Book-It night with the kids!
Went to Madison for a day to have lunch with a law school friend and now colleague.
Big project of the month = removing my first floor carpet (which I’ve hated since the day I moved into this house) to reveal the beeeeeeeautiful blonde hardwood floors underneath!  No sanding or refinishing was necessary. I was so lucky!
Sadie’s seizure situation is improving with medication. Always a happy girl.
Mid-month we went to Chicago for a weekend with the kids — and Mike’s mom and step-dad joined us. It was so fun!
Lincoln Park Zoo
Memorial Day weekend
And Mike helped me to hang these babies up — and we didn’t bicker at all!

See ya next month!