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“Yellowstone, of all the national parks, is the wildest and most universal in its appeal…daily new, always strange, ever full of change, it is Nature’s wonder park. It is the most human and the most popular of all parks.” – Susan Rugh

And that is 100% true.  I last visited Grand Teton and Yellowstone in 2009.  I was on a big road trip with friends and we just passed through — at the parks for less than 24 hours, which wasn’t enough time. Turns out, 4-day trip this year wasn’t enough time either. I would have loved to have spent another 2 weeks there because Yellowstone is just so massive — and so stunning.

My Mom has a National Parks “bucket list” that we are working through.  Last summer we went to Bryce Canyon, this summer we visited Grand Teton and Yellowstone, and this fall we will hit Zion and maybe Death Valley. Yellowstone is on of my favorite parks though — primarily because you feel like you are on another planet.  It’s otherworldly.  It smells of sulphur.  Steam is venting up through the earth everywhere you look.  The landscape is full of hot springs, geysers, pools — and elk and bison and bears, OH MY!  Yellowstone reminds you that the planet is always changing — and that the amount time we call Earth home is merely a split-second.

We flew in and out of Jackson, WY – which is the cutest little town.  Our first stop was Grand Teton National Park.
The view after a short little walk near Jenny Lake.
Grand Teton + a selfie of us at the visitor’s center.
A few more hours of driving brought us to Yellowstone! We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn.  Old Faithful itself is a little underwhelming — but pretty cool that it erupts to regularly.
The Old Faithful Inn was so cozy (can you imagine how cozy it would be in the winter?!) The hotel does not provide TV, radio, or internet access though *gasp* I barely survived.
My one and only goal for this trip was to hike to see Grand Prismatic Spring from above.  On my first attempt, it was too foggy to see much of anything.  I was so disappointed — but refused to give up! More on that in a bit.
More cuteness of the Old Faithful Inn.  Also, I would like to move to Wyoming because my hair never looked better — that dry air worked MAGIC, I tell you.
We visited Hayden Valley so my mom could see bison.  Not pictured: the one that was 2 feet from our car and grunted at my mom.  That bison was her new BFF.
The Biscuit Basin area is full of pools and geysers. Sapphire Pool was my favorite. Look at that color blue!
So as I mentioned, my first attempt at seeing this was thwarted by fog.  But I tried again!!  I did the same hike later in the day and it was crystal clear. LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY!
Grand Prismatic is the largest hot spring in the US. The colors are a result of bacterial mats and mineral-rich water. Side note: can you imaging being one of the first explorers of the area and finding THIS?
You can also view Grand Prismatic at ground level — and walk on a boardwalk to see it.
The outside of the Old Faithful Inn.
The lobby.
We spent a night in Jackson, WY before leaving.  The downtown area is so cute (touristy, but CUTE!). The whole region is gearing up for the solar eclipse. Jackson has a population of about 10,000 — but they are expected nearly 500,000 on eclipse day.
A photo on our travels home.  It was a wonderful trip!

Ah, July, the heart of summer. It’s hot, it’s blazing, and it’s busy. The bittersweet feelings of August and September will arrive soon enough. July was busy for me – the 4th, a trip to Madison, EAA, etc. And I quit cable this month because I was so sick of paying $180/mo! I’m so glad I did – I don’t miss it at all. I got a cheap $10 antenna so I can pick up a few local channels for news, etc. And I watch everything else through Netflix and Hulu. Anyway! Here are this month’s photos.

Babysitting all three fluffs at once is a little intense. BUT SO CUTE!
The 4th of July weekend begins.  Working on the 3rd was no bueno.  If I ran the world, I would make it a weekend holiday every year!
Annual party at the OYC.
Red, white, and blue.
I’m always feel comfortable knowing that the fire department is right across the street :)
End of the day.
Sadie the snuggle bug.  And a RAINBOW!
Huey Lewis & the News played Waterfest this year. I enjoyed it — and knew a lot more of their songs than I thought I would!
Sweet Sadie.
We went to Truck’s 100th Anniversary celebration on the 15th.  So cool!  I had no idea how many different kinds of trucks they make — we are lucky that they’ve stayed in Oshkosh all these years.
My Dad and I took the South Plant tour, which was super cool. I’m still surprised that they opened their doors to the public, given that they’re a defense contractor. I geeked out looking at the e-coat section :) Once a chemistry nerd, always a chemistry nerd.
Killer stormy skies.
Enjoyed this month’s lawyer happy hour;  and was sad to say goodbye to Crystal, who is moving to Kansas next month!
Went to Madison to have lunch with Kelly and dinner with Jay.  I hadn’t seen Kelly in over 10 years — we lived in the same dorm our freshman year of college and were in the same calculus class. Time flies. I went to grad school with Jay — and he’s one of my favorite people.  We ate nachos and talked public health and demography.  What more could I want in a summer day?!  PS: The Big Sick is a really cute movie!
I can’t get over how much Madison has changed. I’ll love it forever though.
EAA time! I went solo on Monday to see the balloon glow. So awesome!
Ran into Kate and Audra in the crowd.  It always amazes me that in such a huge area with so many people, you always manage to bump into someone you know.
Then on Friday, my parents and I went to watch the Blue Angels.  I come from a Navy family, so… GO NAVY! It was so cool.  I want to be a fighter pilot. Wait. No. I want to date a fighter pilot. :)
My parents celebrated 39 years on the 29th.  Aww.  And mmm…steak dinner.  PS: If you’re ever at Tamara’s and they are selling the cherry dippee cupcake, BUY ONE. It’s my favorite. So good.  Tastes like a cherry Dilly bar from DQ.
The far south side got a little skywriting love.  And Sadie and Gracie’s relationship has been upgraded from enemies to frenemies.
And the month ended with a dinner with Jillian at the Cheesecake Factory. LOVE IT. Not ashamed to admit that. This is their new Celebration cheesecake (aka funfetti). Super cute and delish.  And thanks to Auntie Ra for watching Sadie while I was gone :)

Any time it rains and then the sun peeks out, I go on rainbow patrol.  Caught this beauty on Friday night. Happy weekend, everyone!

Heyyy guys, here I am with my June recap.  June was a pretty nice month.  Good weather (mostly).  Good month at work.  Good strawberries.

June 1st marked 42 years of lawyering for Mom, 2 years for me.  Ooof, I’ve got a long way to go!
Denny and I being silly, as per usual. And a nice sunset.
I visited Jillian in Racine — and we ate donuts!
Got lots of golden retriever snuggles — and even a kitty cat snuggle.  Also, two thumbs up to the Italian grocery in Kenosha that sells RAINBOW COOKIES!
I also went to Madison to visit Stef.  We had lunch at Pasqual’s and ice cream on the Terrace — it as perfection.  I miss UW so much and it will forever feel like home.
My mug collection is getting out of hand :) And sigh, June is one of the prettiest months.
Sadie fluff!
love the concept of hygge (coziness, basically) – it was a cute book!
Went to the OYC for a Shakey’s revival! And I stopped at DQ… because sometimes you just need a twist cone covered in happiness.
A little of this, a little of that.
Yning Women! (that tortilla chip cascade was my dream come true)
More Sadie fluff!
Happy Father’s Day to my Denny — he’s the best Dad in the world.
Ditched work and went to Door County for a day! Isn’t Chloe the most ridiculously awesome pupper you’ve ever seen?
My friend Molly, who lives in New York, took this photo.  I love balloons and all things rainbow!
Used my rainbow coffee cup last weekend in salute to Pride Weekend!
See ya next year, June.

Oh lord, it’s 85 degrees outside and summer has arrived and my house is hot and I’m cranky, but here are my pics from May!

Had to wear my Star Wars scarf for May the Fourth!
God, spring, you’re so fugly.
Happy Momma’s Day!
Personal melons… LOL.
Memorial Day Weekend fun
May is one of my favorite months and I’m always sad to see it end.