Travelogue: Iceland, Day 3

June 2021
Where We Stayed: The Grand Hotel Reykjavik, Hotel Vik, Hotel Búðir, Island Apartments Reykjavik

We just hung around Reykjavik. We went to the Icelandic Phallological Museum (dicks for dayyyyys), we shopped, we ate the best croissants of life, we went to get my required COVID test to return home, and we went to the mall. Of course we went to the mall (FYI: it felt like home” — Sbarro in the food court and all). It was a nice and low-key day. And I continued to *adore* how colorful Reykjavik is!

I ordered this beautiful print when I got home!

The figurines on the right were part of the children’s bedroom section of a store at the mall. WEIRD.

The most rejuvenating burger of life.

Last full day! We went to the Blue Lagoon first thing in the morning.  The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa in southwest Iceland.  The milky blue color is due to the silica content of the water — and the temp is like a warm bath.  It was delightful.  And considering how much I hate water and being in water, my glowing review is sayin’ something!

You have to buy tickets and make reservations ahead of time.  You are also required to shower before you enter the Blue Lagoon.  There are private areas for changing and showering, but just be aware that total modesty may not be an option.  It was no big deal though — everyone is wearing their swimsuit and loving life in the blue water.  You can also visit the Blue Lagoon bar and face mask station while in the water.  So fun!

We rallied after the Blue Lagoon and drove to Thingvellir “” which is 1) home to the continental divide where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet and 2) was basically Viking central back in the day. Beheadings galore. We also encountered more friendly sheep and trespassed a wee bit to meet some beautiful Icelandic horses!

The choice of wearing a red swimming suit was no accident. I knew red + blue would photograph well together!

All of a sudden Bethany grabbed my arm and said, “Annie. Those aren’t people.”

I flew home and was super sad about it!  I had to get COVID tested in Iceland before I left so I could prove a negative status in order to get back into the United States.  Customs was smooth, flights were smooth, for that I’m always grateful.  During my long layover in Minneapolis, I yet again visited Chili’s and yet again took photos of the mosaics of the women’s restrooms.

Iceland, you were a dream and I will forever love you.

A funny pic of the water glass at the restaurant we went to on our last night. TINY, right?  And a tired airport selfie featuring my new necklace — the Viking rune symbol for heart.  Bethany got one, too. Modern day BFF necklaces!

The very cool (but very uncomfortable) furniture in the Keflavik Airport.