Travelogue: Las Vegas

November 2021
Where We Stayed: The Cosmopolitan

If you’ve been around here long enough you know that my momma and I love our trips to Las Vegas and we try to go every fall to see a show.  This year was my turn to pick and I chose Gwen Stefani! Here are the bullet points of what we did, what we ate, and general Vegas goodness:
  • Before we left for the trip my mom and I both developed colds. Uh oh.  We thought maybe just maybe it was COVID and promptly panicked. We got PCR tested before we left just to be sure we were good to go.
  • We flew out bright and early on a Wednesday with our not-COVID sniffly noses and sore throats.  We always do Wednesday through Saturday trips. We had a few hours to kill before we could check into the hotel, so we picked up our rental car and went to the outlet mall! As we do.
  • It was finally time to check in — ahh, I love the Cosmopolitan so much and my entire body relaxed once we got to our room and I saw our delightful fountain-view room. The views from the Cosmo cannot be beat!
  • We headed downstairs for a very late lunch/very early dinner at Holstein’s — they serve burgers and milkshakes. Always reliable and delicious.  We didn’t do much for the rest of the day besides chill and watch the world go by from our balcony.
  • The next day, Thursday, was a busy one! I insist on going to see Seven Magic Mountains every time we’re in Vegas and this time was no different.  We stopped at the Las Vegas sign on the way out of town — which now has a very nice parking area.  It’s made it so much easier to stop and take photos of the sign.
  • Seven Magic Mountains is always a delight. I love it. But of course I do — it’s unexpected, neon-colored, and a little weird. Thursday was the worst day of my cold, so I wasn’t feeling my best, but I loved being out in the desert with those neon rocks.
  • After leaving the neon behind, we went to the outlet mall AGAIN (as we do) and had a quick lunch at a Chili’s (don’t judge — we were both sick and desperately wanted their chips and salsa).  We hopped back in the car after lunch and headed to downtown Las Vegas just to drive around and kill time — and to see a few murals.  Y’all know how much I love murals.
  • Our last activity of the day was to head to the Neon Museum.  I’ve been there quite a few times because I just love it so much.  And it’s come a long long way since my first visit — when they didn’t even have an on-site bathroom (you had to walk down the street to a gas station!). But I can’t recommend the Museum highly enough.  It’s entirely outdoors and you get right up close and personal with all of those old signs — and they have a killer gift shop!
  • When we got back to the hotel we just relaxed — and I dyed my hair pink. It’s fun and it only lasts a few days. I’d have permanently pink hair if I could — ahh, in my next life.
  • Friday morning was very relaxed. I went out and walked around a bit — my mom’s knees were hurting her quite a bit so she stayed behind. We had Holstein’s again for lunch. I bought a piece of rainbow cake out of a vending machine at the Flamingo. I just had to. A vending machine with rainbow cake. My dream come true.
  • We napped and relaxed before heading to the Gwen Stefani show at Planet Hollywood.  It was a GREAT show! The sets were gorgeous and wildly colorful, her costumes were fun, and she really did sing! Gwen also just seems like a really cool, nice person. 10/10, would recommend.   Even my mom enjoyed the show — “especially that bananas song” :)
  • The entire show was like a trip back to middle school and high school for me. Ahh, music can take you right back.  Gwen is the one who made me want blonde hair — and a killer red lip every now and then.
  • The next morning we flew back to Wisconsin.  It was another fantastic trip to Vegas!

Up with the sun thanks to the time zone difference.
Cute momma being cute.
It’s a vibe.
I WILL have this tile in my bathroom someday.
The “Don’t Speak” dress!!
Hella Good is still my fav No Doubt song so I was fangirling big time.