Travelogue: Florida, Part 7

February 2021
Where We Stayed: Margaritaville Resort Orlando Cottages

Friday, February 25, Magic Kingdom
Friday was the hottest day of our trip and the day I had been looking forward to the most: the Magic Kingdom! My childhood is full of Magic Kingdom memories and my heart aches (in a good way) every time I’m there. 

We woke up bright and early and were at the park by rope drop time. I was feeling pretty sick on this day, as my cold was worsening. Mike and the kids went off to do Space Mountain and I found the Starbucks on Main Street USA. After Space Mountain, Mike and the kids did the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, then we all visited the purple wall to take some photos. IYKYK.

We had a Lightning Lane for Pirates of the Caribbean, so that was next. I will forever adore that ride! I almost bought the Pirates Loungefly but let’s be real: I didn’t need yet another Loungefly. After Pirates, we headed to Aloha Isle in Adventureland for some Dole Whip. Mmm. Another favorite! 

We made our way to Fantasyland next for it’s a small world. The kids loved it and it was so sweet to see their wonder and awe. We went to Gaston’s afterward to try to find the Grey Stuff for E – but they don’t sell it anymore! Nothing ever stays the same for long at the Disney Parks.

Up next was Dumbo the Flying Elephant – I stayed on the ground to take photos, while Mike and A got the orange Dumbo and S and E got the lime green. On brand colors for both pairs! They all waited in the line for the Barnstormer after Dumbo – and I could have said “I told you so” when they were underwhelmed, but sometimes you just gotta let them find out for themselves. 

We left Fantasyland and headed to Tomorrowland for a break – time to hydrate and have a Mickey pretzel. We watched some of the parade that was rolling by and the kids loved seeing Stitch in particular. There was a strong Stitch obsession on this trip, which was unexpected but cool. 

We did some shopping on Main Street USA and I bought the kids each a Mickey balloon because I wanted cute photos! They enjoyed the balloons more than they thought they would (if you’re around me long enough you learn to lean into the whimsical parts of life). I bought everyone a Mickey ice cream bar and we watched part of the afternoon show at Cinderella Castle. 

After our ice cream was devoured, we headed back to Adventureland. Mike and the kids did the Tiki Room, then I asked the kids to give away their balloons to another kid of their choosing (cause we couldn’t take them home with us). They were confused and hesitant at first – but came around to the idea and it was sweet to see the surprise and delight on the faces of the recipients. 

We had a Lightning Lane for Haunted Mansion, so we were off to Libertyville next.  The Haunted Mansion is my favorite Disney ride. It fits right in with my love of Halloween and I just adore the charming spookiness of it.  A, however, did not find much to be charming about it.  He was so scared and nervous and asked to sit with me in the Doom Buggy.  I had to think fast as to how to turn this experience around for him so I started talking to him about George, the friendly ghost that we think lives at Dad’s house (I mean, someone has to be the one turning on and off the TV all the time). It worked and A spent the rest of the ride trying to find George and wondering if he was having fun with his other ghost friends in Florida. 

Up next was Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, then dinner at Cosmic Ray’s Starlite Cafe. Those chicken tenders never tasted so good! After dinner, Mike and the kids went on the PeopleMover and I tried unsuccessfully to find a spot to watch the fireworks. 

Given my frequent trips to the bathroom, I decided to watch the fireworks show from the edge of the crowd – which separated me from Mike and the kids. Sigh. I mostly rallied for these theme park days but I couldn’t help but be disappointed sometimes – and the fireworks show (Enchantment) was one of those times. I wish I could have watched it with the rest, but it was amazing nonetheless. 

We headed home after the show via Monorail Green. What a long, hot, tiring, magical, wonderful, and memorable day. 

Rides: Space Mountain, Monster’s Inc. Laugh Factory, Pirates of the Caribbean, Enchanted Tiki Room, it’s a small world, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Barnstormer, the Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and the PeopleMover. 

S: Enchantment (fireworks)
E: Enchantment (fireworks)
A: Pirates of the Caribbean
Mike: Enchantment (fireworks)
Annie: Haunted Mansion

Make it pink, make it blue! Wait, wrong princess movie…
Mickey waffle ears!! OMG
My most beloved Disney snack.
Look at all those coins!
This photo makes my heart happy: Mickey krispie + Mickey balloons + primary colors.