Travelogue: Chicago

March 2022
Where We Stayed: Hampton Inn Majestic Chicago Theatre District

If you’ve been around this blog long enough you know that I love Jurassic Park. LOVE. I had tickets in 2020 for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s At the Movies series for Jurassic Park — but then 2020 happened. Luckily the shows happened again this year! The timing worked out perfectly: Mike and I drove down on Friday for the evening show, got a chance to bum around Chicago for about 24 hours, then drove to Bloomington to pick up his kids from a week at their grandparents’ (it spring break).

We went to Three Dots and a Dash for dinner and drinks.  I love that place – but I firmly believe that tiki vibes are some of the best vibes.  And hooo boy, those drinks are strong.  As to not spur a migraine, I only had one drink and just had a few sips of Mike’s.  Restraint!  The food at Three Dots is also really good – all Polynesian themed (moco loco burger for the win!).

After dinner we walked to CSO for the show. I loved it. LOVED IT. There is something so magic about hearing a live orchestra play that phenomenal John Williams score. And, you know, dinosaurs are awesome.

The next morning we walked to the Bean (a must for me – though Mike is mehhhh about it). Stopped at Stan’s Donuts for breakfast. Did a little shopping and then hit the road to Bloomington. It was really fun 24 hours in the city.  We’ll be back next month for John Mayer, so stayed tuned!

Loved seeing Ukraine flags all over the city.
The weather was cold and rainy but we had this little bitty pocket of blue skies.
I also had to compliment the woman in front of me – she had the most beautiful purple hair. Her stylist deserves all the gold stars!
At my happy place.
Off to Stan’s for some nourishment!
We did not eat all six, for the record.  We sampled!
Aaaaand that’s a wrap! PS: that’s Ramona, my new sea witch gremlin. I love her.