Travelogue: Chicago

April 2022
Where We Stayed: The Langham 

The reason for our one-night trip to Chicago was to see John Mayer at the United Center! His new album has a yacht rock/80s vibe and I’m here for it. I was underwhelmed by his show though. It was my 13th (I think) show of his and I just thought it was lackluster — maybe the nearing-the-end-of-the-tour fatigue. I was also super bummed to learn that he played my favorite song of his, In Your Atmosphere, at the show the night before ours. SO CLOSE!

Since our time in Chicago on this trip was so short, I’ll do a bullet pointed summary:

  • We bumped into two friends from Oshkosh on the way out of the United Center; what are the odds?
  • Saved $100+ by taking the L to/from the show instead of Ubers. Don’t be afraid of public transit, guys!
  • Dinner at Lou Malnati’s was delish!
  • We stayed at my favorite hotel, the Langham. It is my dream aesthetic in every way.
  • Delicious breakfast at Yolk the next morning.
  • A walk to Garrett’s Popcorn is always a must!
  • I saw a dog wearing sunglasses. Highlight!
  • Before we headed home on Saturday we spent the afternoon in Chinatown — it was so fun and different from what we normally do in Chicago.
  • Rolled ice cream is amazing. Just sayin’.
  • The low points of the weekend included all the rainnnnnnnnn. And the fact that we got a parking ticket because we were dumb dumbs. And the fact that I saw a woman get shot to death outside of our hotel. No joke. I was trying to fall asleep at about 1am and heard multiple gunshots out the window followed by screaming. I got up, went to the window of our 10th floor room, and saw two women had been shot. I will NEVER forget the sound of the screams for help — and the feeling when I realized that one of the women was dead on the sidewalk. I stayed up until 2:30am watching everything unfold. I later found out she was 26 years old, shot and killed by a man who was arguing with her. 26 years old.

Chicago has a different feel lately and I can’t describe it.  It’s not the same city that it was when I lived there 15 years ago — and it breaks my heart.  What’s that quote from the Office?  “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.” ’til next time, Chicago.

We stopped at the Mars Cheese Castle, OF COURSE.
I liked the pink parking garage vibes.
The view from our room. Dreary gray skies.
A view of the Chicago Theatre from the State/Lake L station.
Johnnnnn Mayer time!
I liked the tribute to Bob Saget.
We always have fun together. We could be watching paint dry and it would be fun.
Hotel lobby – isn’t she beautiful?
The rainbow umbrella got a lot of use in April.
Embracing being a tourist!
The dog with sunglasses!!
Welcome to Chinatown.
The little girl in the neon green coat was so cute!
If you ever get the chance, visit Chicago’s Chinatown. It’s delightful, safe, and full of things to EAT! :)
I’m drawn to Starbucks like a moth to a flame when I’m on vacation.
If there is a bakery, I will visit!
Time for some rolled ice cream.

Mike at breakfast.
That crushed ice is what my dreams are make of.
See you next time, Chicago.