Travelogue: England – Salisbury

July 2022
Where We Stayed: King’s Head Inn

Day 1 of our whirlwind three-week European adventure.  We flew from Chicago to Heathrow, then took the train out to Salisbury.  Our British Airways experience was amazing — flying Premium Economy is well worth it for those long flights!  We had smooth travel and no lost luggage, so the trip was off to a great start.  I struggled with jet lag issues because I’m a creature of habit and generally don’t handle changes to my sleep routine very well — so poor Mike had to deal with grouchy Annie for a few days until I adjusted.

Salisbury was so, so cute! It was what I imagined a small English town to look like.  We had one day to explore Salisbury — we did some shopping, had lunch at the pub in our hotel (where I got my first taste of the European aversion to ice), and then went to visit the Salisbury Cathedral, which houses one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta.

You all know that I’m not a religious person, but I appreciate a good church.  And the Salisbury Catherdral is an IMPRESSIVE church.  Though, funny moment of the day… we were looking at the outside of the church and the prominent Christian figures were sculpted into the stone.  I asked, “which one is Jesus?” and Mike replied, “Um, the BABY.” Oh. Yeah. That makes sense. Once a heathen always a heathen, amirite?!

By this point it was later in the afternoon and we had been awake a lonnnnnnng time.  Fighting the good jet lag fight.  But we soon gave up and headed back to our cute little hotel.  Time for sleep — a sunrise visit to Stonehenge awaits!

Bright eyed and excited to start our trip.
We had a double decker plane and we got to be up on the second level! It was so cool.
Arrival at Heathrow to a GIGANTIC Burberry ad. On point.
Waiting at the train station.
We visited many Starbucks on this trip in search of my beloved city mugs.
Let the Salisbury cuteness begin!
Our hotel.
Lunch.  Mike went full British with the mashed peas. I wanted pizza.
Very into bunting here.
Everything was just so cute.
Mmmm carbs.
We had dinner here. It was delicious and cute.
Me, jetlagged, a grump.
Mike, seemingly unaffected by any sort of jetlag. I was furious! ;-)
Okay okay, I’ll smile.
We giggled.
Poundland and Beavertown. You can’t make this up.
The Salisbury Cathedral
It’s just so ugly, right? (I’m kidding)
I’m always a sucker for red doors on churches.
Just a cute little restaurant on the way back to our hotel.
Salisbury, you were precious and I loved you.