Travelogue: England – God’s Own Junkyard

July 2022
Where We Stayed: n/a

Our marathon day in London ended with a trip to see God’s Own Junkyard (and I took so many photos that it’s getting its own blog post).  We had to navigate the Tube in order to do this and with only a few little missteps, we made it!  It’s on the northeast fringe of London, so you have to really want to see this place. But oh oh oh, it’s so awesome! I love neon and color and it was a dream come true.  I’ve had God’s Own Junkyard on my “bucket list” for years after I read an article about it on Atlas Obscura, but just figured I’d never get to see it because when would I ever be in this particular part of London? Good thing I have Mike in my life because he helped me to make it happen!

God’s Own Junkyard is best summarized by Atlas Obsura: “Curated by third-generation neon artisan Marcus Bracey, GOJY serves many functions: free art gallery and Instagram bonanza for the public; dealer and recycler of signage for businesses; prop shop for film and photo shoots; and lucrative customer for the local electric utility.”

Hang a right at the cow and you’re in for a TREAT.
The view from the cute little outdoor patio.