Travelogue: Ireland – Dublin, Part 2

July 2022
Where We Stayed: Clayton Hotel Burlington Rd.

Our tour didn’t officially start until late afternoon, so we still had a full day to explore Dublin.  We got to sleep in (BLESS!), had a leisurely breakfast, and walked 8 miles around the city!  We just walked around and enjoyed whatever we bumped into — Temple Bar, Ha’Penny Bridge, a little shopping, Christ Church Cathedral (founding by Vikings!), the very colorful Dublin Castle, the statue of Molly Malone (and her very bronzed boobs), and a walk through St. Stephen’s Green.

We met up with our tour group and headed to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells (one of the oldest books around and a masterpiece of Medieval art) and the Long Room (a gorgeous library — which happened to serve as the inspiration for the Hogwarts Library in the Harry Potter series).  We ended the day with dinner with our group — and Bailey’s on the rocks with Mike at the hotel bar.

At this point, we had only been in Ireland for 2 days – but had fallen entirely in love with it.

Everything is wildly colorful here — even the gelato shops.
Not every day you see broccoli walking down the street.
I spy Mike.
Christ Church – which was founded in the early 11th centry by Viking king Sitric Silkenbeard.
Welcome to colorful Dublin Castle — which opened approximately 800 years ago. The castle was built by the dark pool (“Dubh Linn”) which gave Dublin its name. The castle has had many purposes throughout its life — from a defensive fortification to a government building.
The area surrounding the castle had gardens and open green space — a perfect place to sit and chill for a minute.
Back out into more modern times… some colorful photos from the streets of Dublin.
Trinity College
I just thought this shop was adorable.
Fun fact: the floors in Europe start on 0, not 1.
Cheers to delightful and charming Ireland.  And before I wrap this post up…. how about a few more DOORS?!