Travelogue: Ireland – Kilkenny

July 2022
Where We Stayed: Clayton Hotel Burlington Rd (Dublin)

Our last full day in Ireland *sad trombones*  We started the day with a short visit to Kilkenny, yet another charming little city. County Kilkenny’s colors are amber and black, so of course I had to take a photo of an appropriated-decorated door.

We visited Kilkenny Castle, a few churches, and had lunch at the coziest restaurant, the Left Bank.  And we may or may not have accidentally on purpose dressed in the colors of the Irish flag on this day.  I think our subconscious was wanting to hold on to all things Ireland!

Our group returned to Dublin for one final dinner (we were getting tired of root vegetables by this point, not gonna lie) and with that, our week in magical, beautiful, charming Ireland was over.  We had the best tour guide, Sean.  He was thoughtful, accomodating, and a captivating teacher and storyteller. Ireland changed my heart and I’ll be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to experience its magic.

Welcome to County Kilkenny
To be 100% honest, I was kind of over castles by this point in the trip. Mike, however, remained enthralled.
The Doors of… Kilkenny!
I just loved the skull and crossbones.
The Left Bank.  We randomly found this place — and it was the Irish pub experience that Mike had been dreaming of!

’til next time, Ireland. We adored you.