Travelogue: Amsterdam, Part 1

July 2022
Where We Stayed: Kimpton DeWitt Amsterdam

We had smooth travel from Ireland to the Netherlands (thank you, travel gods).  There were SO MANY people in Amsterdam though — and in retrospect, we shouldn’t have planned to arrive on a Saturday right at the start of the European vacation season.  But between all the people and all the bicycles, holy cowwww.

We walked around the city and found lunch — a Dutch pancake and fried cheese.  As we do.  We then took a canal cruise, which was so cute and informative.  And it came with cheese and drinks!  Our very sweet (and Irish!) tour guide, Meg, just finished her Masters degree in European Union law.  What a smart cookie.

Our evening activity was a walking tour of the Red Light District.  We had another fun tour guide, Craig, who was a Brit living in Amsterdam because that’s where his partner is from.  He had interesting commentary about what it’s like to move to the Netherlands as an outsider (spoiler alert: it ain’t easy).  The tour itself was really informative and we learned all about prostituion (100% legal) and marijuana (not legal, just decriminalized) and the city itself. The tour ended with stops at the Prostitution Information Center (which is… exactly what it sounds like) and the Condomeria (which is also exactly what it sounds like).

The Dublin airport — we flew from Dublin to Amsterdam
All of our luggage on the train from the airport to Amsterdam Centraal
Amsterdam Centraal (the train station) was super close to our hotel, bless, as we were schlepping so much luggage!
Some famous building that I cannot remember because I was entirely overwhelmed with the crowds and the BIKES EVERYWHERE.
Time to stop for lunch.
And cocktails.
And fried cheese.
There was a little candy shop around the corner.
Just in case you want some candy tennis balls.
And we have entered the land of waffles.
Have I mentioned ALL THE BIKES?
Cheese Museum? Don’t mind if we do…
Cheese on our river cruise.
I found a dog!
This is the narrowest house in all of Amsterdam. Also, the three Xs on the Amsterdam flag… theory goes that they represent the three dangers of Old Amsterdam: fire, flood, and the Black Death.
If you want a bespoke condom fitting, this is the place for you.
Back at our hotel.
Our hotel room door had a bumble bee as the knocker. Cuuuuute.