Travelogue: Door County

August 2018
Where We Stayed: The Pheasant Park

I’m writing this travelogue many years after the fact, so it won’t be as detailed as most.  I went to Door County for my birthday weekend with an ex-boyfriend.  It was a lovely weekend at the time and that’s all I’ll say on that.

Starting things off at Shipwrecked
Mid-day mint chip ice cream because… birthday!
In front of something from a ship at the Door County Maritime Museum
Sunset from Fred & Fuzzy’s
A little bee friend
Cherry marg
Cherry buttah! Everything in cherry in Door County
On the ferry to Washington Island
Stravkirke – an old Viking church
If you do a shot of bitters, you get to pin a dollar to the ceiling. Or something like that. Bitters, by the way, tastes like drinking a Christmas tree.
Bar babe.
A little trip to JJ’s once we got back to the “mainland”
My dream house, tbh.
Back at Stabbur for cocktails.