Travelogue: Chicago, Day 2

October 2022
Where We Stayed: The Kimpton Gray

Onto day two of our whirwind weekend!

  • We got to sleep in! Well, sleep in until, like 7am instead of 6am. But we’ll take it!
  • We walked to Goddess & the Baker for breakfast — and rainbow cake.  They make truly amazing cake (and I’m not a huge cake ‘n’ frosting fan).  One of the great things about adulthood is that you can eat cake for breakfast.
  • From there we walked to Museum Campus — time for Wild Color at the Field Museum! It’s a temporary exhibition about color in nature and oh my, it was so beautiful. The whole spectrum of the rainbow was covered, I’d highly recommend.
  • We also walked around the rest of the Field Museum.  We saw Sue the T-Rex.  Visited the Hall of Gems (gimme those emeralds!).  And yes, I made a wax dinosaur out of those Wax-O-Rama machines (you can just smell the wax, can’t ya?)
  • We grabbed lunch outside of the Shedd Aquarium — Chicago hot dog for Mike, Rainbow Cone for me.
  • Our last activity of the trip was Jack’s Pumpkin Pop Up.  This was a spur of the moment decision and I’m so glad we visited!  It’s basically just a huge area of fall-themed photo ops (every basic white girl’s dream come true).  You could also get cider donuts, cocktails, etc.  It was a really cute experience and we had amazing weather for it, too.
  • The whole weekend was so delightful — full of color, good food, and my sweetie Mike, who always leans in and participates without abandon because he knows it’ll make me happy.

Good morning!
A solo Solo cup.
Chicago is so pretty in the fall.
Look at that big blue dress!
We ate real food, too.
Mike’s favorite color.
Super flattering lighting! ;-)
You all know how much I love all things iridescent.
What’s up, Sue?!
Interests: Jeff Goldblum. *chef’s kiss*
Think twice before you order ketchup.
You wouldn’t think that all these flavors work well together but OMG, they do.
My favorite type of tile.
A little walk around the South Loop.
Sometimes I see things, like this colorful brick wall, that take me RIGHT BACK to living in the South Loop. I always loved this wall – and every time I see it now, I have warm and fuzzy memories.
Will do!
I mean, isn’t this place just sickeningly CUTE?
Oh no. LOL.
The apple of my eye.
A funny thing about the Color Factory. They have a wall of birthdays. You can find your birthday and take a little card that gives you a “birthdayscope” of sorts. We thought it was great that Mike and kids’ have greens/blues — and I come blazing in with BRIGHT RED.
My favorite souvenirs!