Travelogue: San Antonio

October 2022
Where We Stayed: The Hotel Contessa

I have wanted to visit San Antonio for YEARS for two reasons: (1) my good friend Amber lives there and (2) they have a beautiful Dia de Los Muertos festival every October. San Antonio exceeded every expectation that I had and I truly cannot wait to visit again! Here are the highlights of what we did during our quick 48 hour trip!

  • Upon arrival, we picked up the rental car and drove to Feliz Modern, a gift shop that I’ve been following on social media for years. It was great to final visit the brick and mortar store!
  • We drove downtown to check into our hotel, which was hosting a Dia de Los Muertos celebration that evening.  San Antonio has a day of the dead river parade, so we purchased tickets to view the parade along the river. Unfortunately, the parade turned out to be a bit of a shitshow this year — there was about an hour between each float.  We saw about 5 floats and then called it quits at 10pm cause we were so damn tired. The internet was ablaze the next day with outrage over the poor execution and planning of the event this year.
  • The next day, we slept in (glorious!), then had lunch with Amber at Casa Rio — the oldest restaurant on the riverwalk and the place with the colorful umbrellas! The food was really good and the atmosphere was delightful.  We had perfect weather on this trip — 70s and sunny.
  • After lunch, we took a riverboat tour, which was so precious — and then did some shopping in La Villita, a collection of shops and galleries.  We had such a nice afternoon with Amber.
  • Later that day, a near-migraine struck me down, so our trip slowed so I could take my meds and veg.
  • The next day, my head situation was a bit better, so we headed out to Muertos Fest! The festival was better than anything I was expecting. Beautiful and touching ofrendas (the one for the children killed at Ulvade made me cry), high quality vendors, and delicious food and drink. We had so much fun and enjoyed our half-day at the festival!
  • Afterward, we walked around the riverwalk a bit more and called it a day — cause my headache was starting to come roaring back.
  • On our last full day in San Antonio, we visited the Alamo (because you gotta, right?!), did some more shopping, and packed up to head home on our EARLY flight the next morning.
  • San Antonio, you were delightful and I will be back!

Even the airport is on-point.
And for those keeping tabs on my Boo Bucket ~*~journey~*~, I found the green one in the Minneapolis airport!
Of course I found a cool mural.
Our hotel was nice, but nothing spectacular.
Waiting for the river parade.
We quit after this float because of all the delays – so frustrating!
Next morning!
A delicious prickly pear marg!
Amber & me!
The ofrenda in our hotel.
The headache has arrived on scene.
A little walk after the meds kicked in.
Like, the river is RIGHT THERE. No barricades, no railings, GOOD LUCK TO YOU!
They filmed scenes from Miss Congeniality here.
I’m obsessed.
To me, this is what heaven would look like.
Visited an old church – cause it’s what Mike would have done if he were with me.
Muertos Fest!
For the pets we’ve lost…
In honor of Jim Henson
The pretty bar in our hotel.
The San Antonio airport looks just like Milwaukee’s!
Our flight was VERY delayed.
My favorite souvenir. I named her Valentina. She’s beautiful and creepy and I ADORE HER.
Forever my favorite travel buddy.
’til next time, SATX!