Travelogue: Chicago with Kids, Part 3

April 2023
Where We Stayed: Homewood Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown South Loop

Last day, here we go!

  • Unfortunately, on night 2 I developed a bad migraine (overstimulation was probably to blame).  Mike and the kids went to Ed Debevic’s for breakfast on Sunday morning and I stayed behind to try to deal with my situation.
  • I was able to join them for the final activity of the trip: the Museum of Ice Cream.  This wasn’t so much a museum as it was an interactive experience.  Kinda like the Color Factory, but ice cream themed. It was weird and pretty fun and the kids loved it. Instead of a ball pit at the end of this experience, you got to dip your toes into a sprinkle pit.  Though we all agreed that the sprinkles looked more like plastic hot dogs than anything else!
  • We walked from the Museum of Ice Cream to the State/Lake L stop and took the Orange Line back to Roosevelt.  We picked up our luggage at the hotel and headed to Union Station to catch our train back to Wisconsin.

This trip was so fun, but it was also so much crammed into 2.5 days!  If I could do it all over again, I’d work another day into the trip just so it could be a little more relaxed.  But that’s tough with the kids’ school schedules, etc. Other random thoughts:

  • We bought City Passes and they saved us money! Totally worth it if you plan on doing many museums and activities during your vacation.
  • We either walked or took the L everywhere we went.  I felt pretty safe during the majority of our time in Chicago.  The only time the situation got iffy was on the Red Line, so maybe take extra caution with that line.
  • Allowing the kids to pick all the things was a lot of fun. They picked fun stuff and we had no objections!
  • We loved our hotel. Location was ideal for Museum Campus and also just a few blocks away from the Roosevelt L stop.

’til next time, Chicago!

Nothing like a milkshake for breakfast.
Everything is Chicago + ice cream/sweets themed! So cute!
Balls of yard to look like ice cream scoops.
They had a room where you could write messages with magnets.
The kids enjoyed this.
They served hot dog-flavored ice cream. Oh yes. Oh gross.
The circus animal cookie room was my favorite by far.