Travelogue: Door County

June 2023
Where We Stayed: The Landmark

My mom and I spent a few days up in Door County primarily for an elder law conference.  The conference was held at the Landmark Inn, so that’s where we stayed.  The Landmark is not my favorite hotel – it’s… fine. Clean but tired, ya know?

Aside from the conference, we did a lot of shopping, went out to dinner together at Chop, went to dinner with some friends at Barringer’s, and tried to squeeze in as much as we could during our free hours!

You can see the smoke from the fish boil.
The blue building is the Dorr Hotel… hopefully we can stay there next year instead!
DELICIOUS meal! And I had a kiddie cocktail for old time’s sake.
Breaking News!
I threw my back out bending over to take this photo.  It’s not even a good photo.  But I’m posting it cause… goddamnit!
My mom bought this to put in her yard… a rainbow reminder of my dad.