Travelogue: Galena, IL

December 2023
Where We Stayed: The Main Street Inn

  • Mike and I visited Galena, IL for a long weekend, a few weeks before Christmas. Galena is marketed as a Hallmark movie town come to life — and that is partially accurate. Galena was very cute and small-town charming, but would I want to go back? Ehhhhh, not really.
  • We both felt that all of Galena could be seen in a day and that it was too much of a mixed bag (example: some stores sold cheap, kitschy goods, while other stores were really great).
  • But we had a nice time together! And I had some of the best mozzarella sticks of my life at the Galena Brewing Company, so that right there made the trip worth it!
  • We ate/drank at the following restaurants: the Galena Brewing Company, the Galena Taphouse, the Galena Bakehouse, Bread & Vine, and Vinny Vanucchi’s.
  • We also took a tour of the Blaum Brothers Distillery, which we really enjoyed.  The highlight for me (as I’m not much into spirits) was meeting Mark, the VERY grumpy Maine Coon cat.
  • Our hotel was just okay – it was clean and well maintained, but the rooms were TINY. So tiny that we had no where to sit or place our luggage.  There was room for a bed, the TV stand, and that was it.

Greeted with a birthday cake for Mike upon arrival.
The Galena Taphouse
Moving on to the Galena Brewing Company
I was immediately drawn to this window. Obviously.
The lobby area of our hotel. Old fashioned!
Twinning with Barbie.
Sights from the Galena Bakehouse
Moving on to the Blaum Bros Distillery
Mark the Maine Coon
What in the ever living hell is that?!
This sent me. Major Denny memories. He had a Mickey phone and a Snoopy phone back in the day. Grief can catch you off guard so easily and swiftly.
A not very great quality photo of us near a big Christmas tree.
A cute little mural Mike spotted on our way home.