Travelogue: Boca Grande

February 2024
Where We Stayed: Friend’s House

  • My parents’ good friends live in Boca Grande. My parents used to visit them every February for a long weekend. Those visited stopped once my dad got sick — and once the hurricane hit the island in 2022.
  • After the brief hiatus, my mom and I decided to visit once again. It was my first time to Boca Grande and I loved it — I can see why my parents’ enjoyed their time there so much. It was bittersweet to be there without my Dad… as I knew that nearly everywhere we went was somewhere my mom went with him.
  • This trip to Florida was split in two: half our time was spent in Boca Grande and half our time was spent at Disney World. We arrived in Boca Grande on a Friday and left for Disney World on the following Monday.
  • What did we do and where did we eat?
    • Friday evening we went to dinner at the Pass Club. Jeanne had her first aperol spritz!
    • Saturday morning we had breakfast at home and a leisurely morning. Then we took a boat ride and went to the Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant for lunch. We taped a dollar bill to the wall in honor of Denny. After lunch we went shopping, then had a little cocktail hour, then dinner at the Temp.
    • Sunday morning we went for brunch at the Gasparilla Inn. In the afternoon, we had an appointment at the local needlepoint shop to look at new canvases. Then we had dinner at Scarpa, which was my favorite restaurant and meal of the trip.
  • We had such a nice time. The island is so relaxing — you can get around by car or by golf cart. Not many people, no one is ever in a hurry, it’s just so delightfully low-key. And I got quality dog snuggles with Sampson, our friends’ cavachon!

Jeanne adjusting to island life quite nicely.
Good morning!
Sweet Sammy.
We’re on a boat!
Dolla dolla bills!
In honor of Denny
Taped to the wall, along with many others.
I got a new hat.
We stopped at the Beach Club after our boat ride.
We also did a little shopping. I was missing Denny somethin’ fierce at this point. And then I turned and saw this…
A mini red Vespa. He always joked that Sadie should have a red Vespa so she could scoot herself out to see him whenever she liked. *wink*
Cocktail hour before dinner.
This place was like a step back in time. In a good way.
Jeanne, the next morning, enjoying some iPad time.
Off to brunch!
Then it was time for our appointment at Grande Stitches
The cutest momma.
Back home to rest before dinner.
Outside of Scarpa. ’til next time, Boca Grande!