Travelogue: Grand Cayman

February 2016
Where We Stayed: Private Condo

Grand Cayman is a neat island – it’s very lovely (because whoa, there is a lot of money on that island for obvious reasons), the water is turquoise blue, and the restaurants are to-die-for good. Here are some photos from my trip.

001The Caribbean.
002Our first night there I had to take 2 million beach photos. Naturally.
003We went for fish tacos at Sunshine’s – I loved these neon glasses! Everything was so colorful and delicious and the vibe was so chillllllll.
004Relaxed and feeling all the tropical happiness.
005BF wanted to go to Blue for his birthday dinner. Oh my god it was the best meal EVER (though I suppose if you dislike seafood it would be a nightmare).
006We drank a liiiiittle too much rum while sitting in the sun. Did you know that Grand Cayman’s former name was Tortuga? Well, now you do.
007Sunset. I could sit there for days watching the cruise ships come in and head out.
008We had another great meal at Calypso Grill. I had crab cakes, cracked conch, mango shrimp, and some sort of wonderful chocolate/caramel/shortbread treat for dessert.
009The next day we went for frozen yogurt at Peachwave. Trust me, if there is a self-serve frozen yogurt shop within a mile of me, I will find it.
010Peace out, United States / I love doing jigsaw puzzles / rainbow springkles / Camana Bay!
011Seven Mile Beach. Dreamy, right?
012See what I mean about the turquoise water?
013I read a lot of books. Furiously Happy was chosen because of its cover (and that’s a real taxidermied raccoon, btw). Drew Barrymore’s book was a quick and fun read. The Notorious RBG is my HERO – I mean, honestly, I occasionally disagree with her opinions but I am in awe of her. And hey, a little science.
014I want to go back!
015017Heading home. That’s Rum Point. Bye, Cayman. ’til next time!