Travelogue: Southwest Roadtrip – Las Vegas

October 2015
Where We Stayed: The Paris

I’m in Middleton, WI today for a probate seminar and I’m on lunch. It’s a lonely hour in the bustling lobby of the Hilton Garden (ha), so I thought I’d start the first post in a series from our trip out west. The main purpose of our family vacation to the desert southwest was to attend Stefanie’s wedding, but we decided to make a 9-day trip out of it. Our first stop was Las Vegas, where we picked up our rental car, ate a delicious meal, and started our “adventure.” We drove from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, then to Holbrook, AZ for the Petrified Forest, then on to New Mexico — hitting Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

Our time in Vegas was short — only about 24 hours. We stayed overnight at the Paris, which I LOVED. So adorable and not quite as Vegas-trashy as some of the other hotels on the Strip. After a delicious meal, my mom and I walked around the Strip because my dad wasn’t feeling well (the beginning of a rough week for him — but more on that in another post!).

The next morning we did the Neon Museum Tour before we left for Arizona. It was my second time at the Neon Museum and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It’s just a collection of old neon signs from old time Vegas — and it’s a guided one-hour long tour that is surprisingly interesting (if you’re into the history of Vegas, that is). Given that it was approximately 97,000 degrees, the one-hour time period was just enough, ya know? Anyway, here are some photos.

Vegas AZ New Mex__003The desert awaits!
Vegas AZ New Mex__004The airport/rental car pickup process was so goddamn ridiculous that the first thing we did upon our arrival at the Paris was to get a drink. For realz.
Vegas AZ New Mex__005Bright lights.
Vegas AZ New Mex__006Random pretty ceiling. There is literally nothing in Vegas that isn’t over the goddamn top.
Vegas AZ New Mex__008Watching the fountain show at the Bellagio.
Vegas AZ New Mex__018The super cool lobby of the Cosmopolitan.
Vegas AZ New Mex__019Vegas AZ New Mex__022Proof that I am a very cool person who loves to PARTY: I went to Vegas Target.
Vegas AZ New Mex__023The pretty pretty Paris.
Vegas AZ New Mex__024Caesar’s. Which I cannot look at without thinking of every single line from the Hangover.
Vegas AZ New Mex__035And now begins 2,460 photos of the Neon Museum. Sorry, I’m not sorry.
Vegas AZ New Mex__036Vegas AZ New Mex__039Vegas AZ New Mex__047Vegas AZ New Mex__048Vegas AZ New Mex__055Vegas AZ New Mex__056Vegas AZ New Mex__057Vegas AZ New Mex__063Vegas AZ New Mex__064Vegas AZ New Mex__067Vegas AZ New Mex__069Vegas AZ New Mex__073Vegas AZ New Mex__074Vegas AZ New Mex__077Vegas AZ New Mex__078Vegas AZ New Mex__079Vegas AZ New Mex__080The duck that my mom thought was mega creepy.
Vegas AZ New Mex__081The sign for the Moulin Rouge hotel, that they rearranged to spell “in love.” Awww.
Vegas AZ New Mex__083Vegas AZ New Mex__084Vegas AZ New Mex__085Vegas AZ New Mex__086And of course I had to stop at the most famous sign of all! Though now there is a little parking lot, which is sooooo nice! Before you had to park a mile away and walk to the sign and it was a giant pain. Hurrah for improvements!
Vegas AZ New Mex__087I think I’ll always have a love/hate relationship with Vegas. I’m not much of a partier, so it’s not really my element — and parts of it are so incredibly vile. But then again, it’s a visually fascinating city – all the bright lights and colors and shiny things. It’s always a toss up. But we can all relate to both the angel and devil, can’t we?