Travelogue: Southwest Roadtrip – Albuquerque

October 2015
Where We Stayed: The Albuquerque Marriott

Bye, Arizona! Hi, New Mexico!

Here’s a little post on Albuquerque. We spent two nights in ABQ, but didn’t really see much of it! My dad’s altitude sickness was getting bad, so most of my ABQ memories involve being unable to sleep. But we visited Old Town — which was calming down after the whirlwind of the Balloon Fiesta that was the week prior. I was so bummed to miss that event — but it’ll give me a reason to come back! I liked ABQ, it seems like a town with potential if you know the right neighborhoods and things to do/see.

And……..because I’m a Breaking Bad super fan, I just had to stop at a few filming locations. Thank you to my patient parents who chilled while I freaked out over seeing Walter White’s house and the car wash!

Vegas AZ New Mex__135Vegas AZ New Mex__136Vegas AZ New Mex__137That time when we accidentally visited THIS candy shop. Heyyyyy yo!
Vegas AZ New Mex__138Vegas AZ New Mex__139A much-needed marg.
Vegas AZ New Mex__140Awkward guacamole, anyone? #BreakingBad
Vegas AZ New Mex__168Pretty sunset.
Vegas AZ New Mex__169Rebel Donut! SO YUMMY. #BreakingBad
Vegas AZ New Mex__170The White residence. My heart was bursting. I miss the show so much.
Vegas AZ New Mex__171Have an A1 day! #BreakingBad
Vegas AZ New Mex__172Ominous. #BreakingBad