Travelogue: Southwest Roadtrip – Santa Fe

October 2015
Where We Stayed: The Inn of the Anasazi

Santa Fe was so precious and wonderful! I looooooved it and would go back in a heartbeat. My Dad’s altitude sickness, however, was at its peak. Holy shiz. He had a hard time sleeping, had night terrors, shortness of breath, swollen face and joints, headache, you name it, he had it. I think he wants to stay safety at sea level from now on!

But Santa Fe is so quaint and artistic and guhhhhh I loved it. Take me back! I also had a really delicious burrito in Santa Fe, so obviously, I loved it for that reason. But I realized just how Midwestern I am because everything involves green chiles and spice. I was basically chewing on a TUMS the entire time. My body was not ready. Haha.

Anyway, onward to the pics!

Vegas AZ New Mex__173Inn of the Anasazi – the most perfect little hotel ever.
Vegas AZ New Mex__176Vegas AZ New Mex__178Vegas AZ New Mex__179Vegas AZ New Mex__180Vegas AZ New Mex__182Vegas AZ New Mex__184Vegas AZ New Mex__185They’re minerals, Marie! #BreakingBad
Vegas AZ New Mex__186The shiny inside of a $10,000 amethyst.
Vegas AZ New Mex__187Vegas AZ New Mex__188I would move here just because the local weatherman has DOGS ON AIR EVERY DAY. PUPPIES!
Vegas AZ New Mex__190The oldest church in the United States — built in 1610.
Vegas AZ New Mex__191Vegas AZ New Mex__197Vegas AZ New Mex__195I was pretty obsessed with all of the Day of the Dead items.
Vegas AZ New Mex__200I am a cliched tourist. Yup. 100%.