Travelogue: Disney World 2014, Part I

January 2014
Where We Stayed: The Contemporary

To celebrate our halfway point of law school, Andrea and I went to Disney World! We both have strong childhood bonds to the Mouse — and still love the parks to this day. Starting back in July, we had a daily countdown going — “87 days until Disney!” The countdown number slowly got smaller and before we knew it finals were over and we were jumping on a plane to Florida. We left last Thursday, the 2nd. Here are some highlights from Day 1:

  • I heart Southwest.
  • I LOVE seeing all of the excited kids the airport – decked out in Disney gear – anxious to get to Orlando. So precious.
  • Speaking of the word “precious” – it was my extremely overused word of the trip. Because really, pretty much everything about Disney World is precious.
  • We took the Magical Express bus to our resort – the Contemporary.
  • loved the Contemporary. I would stay there again in a heartbeat. It’s clean, bright, and within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom.
  • Upon arrival we were greeted by a small Asian woman outside of our hotel. She said she would take us inside to check-in. We followed her… and soon she was leading us into an elevator. Weird, given that the check-in desks were on the 1st floor. But whatever, it’s Disney, hiiiiighly unlikely that we were going to be kidnapped. ;-)
  • Our Asian Fairy Godmother (as she soon became known to us) took us up to the top floor. The magical 14th floor. We were informed that we got upgraded to a room on the Club Level — with a view of the Magic Kingdom. OH MY FREAKING SWEET JESUS. We could not wipe the smiles off of our weary, travel-tired faces.
  • The Club Level gets you a private concierge and 24/7 food – that’s right: complimentary breakfast… snacks throughout the day… wine and cheese in the early evening… and a dessert bar at night.  Oh my goodness.
  • We had no idea what we did to deserve such an amazing upgrade — but I like to think that the universe rewarded us for surviving another semester of law school and a gallbladder removal surgery.
  • After we calmed down and stopped hyperventilating, we walked over to the Magic Kingdom. We didn’t do many rides because it was late-ish, we were tired, and the lines were lengthy — but we did go on the Haunted Mansion (a favorite!) and the new Ariel/Little Mermaid ride (which was so cute). Here are the photos.

Disney2014__001The view from our room. Right? RIGHT?
Disney2014__002The Christmas-ified Mickey ears on the hotel’s exterior.
Disney2014__003The happiest entrance in the world.
Disney2014__004The park was still decorated for Christmas.
Disney2014__005Cinderella’s Castle
Disney2014__006Part of the new Fantasyland, which is so well done and adorable.
Disney2014__007The new line of magnets – inspired by classic Disney parks treats. Too bad each one was $12+
Disney2014__008Andrea in a borrowed Goofy hat.
Disney2014__010One of the new parts of Fantasyland is the circus area – themed to fit Dumbo.
Disney2014__011Space Mountain!!
Disney2014__012Cinderella’s Castle. Again.
Disney2014__013A late-night snack. Even the sprinkles are Mickeys.