Travelogue: Disney World 2014, Part II

January 2014
Where We Stayed: The Contemporary

On our first full day at Disney, we spent the daylight hours at the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom is by far my favorite park, so I was in heaven.

  • We went on all the rides (or so it seemed) — Dumbo, the Tea Cups, Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, etc.
  • Disney has now started to put Starbucks stores in their parks. It was a little weird, yet great, to see a Starbucks on Main Street USA.
  • DOLE WHIP! Andrea tried Dole Whip for the first time and I think she has been converted to being just as obsessed as I am.
  • The weather was beautiful — sunny skies and a little chilly (better than sweating weather, in my opinion).
  • After our day in the land of magic, we headed back to our hotel for the wine + cheese hour. Mmm cheese.

Disney2014__014The view of the Grand Floridian from our room.
Disney2014__015Hotel chocolates. The one with the photo of the Contemporary? Chocolate. I ate our hotel.
Disney2014__016MICKEY WAFFLE!
Disney2014__017Ready for the Magic Kingdom!
Disney2014__019It’s like Tink was posing for me. ;)
Disney2014__021Sweet Dumbo.
Disney2014__022Andrea + me
Disney2014__024Instant joy.
Disney2014__025An evil stepsister planting a big smooch!
Disney2014__026The Beast’s Castle
Disney2014__027Gaston’s – which serves cinnamon rolls, frozen apple juice (so good), and other items.
Disney2014__030Andrea’s first Dumbo experience.
Disney2014__031More Dumbo. They expanded the ride in the new Fantasyland.
Disney2014__037Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!!!
Disney2014__040It’s hard not to giggle on this ride.
Disney2014__034Walt + Mickey
Disney2014__035The legal mumbo-jumbo on the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor. Maybe we should search for Disney jobs! ;)
Disney2014__041The tower from Tangled.
Disney2014__043DOLE WHIP! The most perfect treat of all time.
Disney2014__046Disney2014__047Hotel yummies!

At night, on our first day at Disney, we headed to Hollywood Studios (forever MGM in my heart). I wanted to see the Osborne light display and it was scheduled to be there only for another day or so. It was PHENOMENAL. So beautiful and well done. It’s a million little lights synchronized to Christmas music. Pictures can’t do it justice. Andrea and I were verklempt the entire time.

In addition to the light display, Andrea tackled the Tower of Terror and the Rockin’ Roller Coaster – and we went on the Great Movie Ride (which sadly never has a line because no one is interested in it anymore). Here are the photos!

Disney2014__048Disney2014__050Disney2014__051Disney2014__052We’re all mad here. Hollywood Studios has a gift shop devoted entirely to Disney villans — it’s great.
Disney2014__054Osborne Lights!
Disney2014__055Disney2014__056Disney2014__057Disney2014__058Disney2014__059Disney2014__061Disney2014__062Disney2014__063Disney2014__064Disney2014__065Disney2014__066Disney2014__067Disney2014__068“Sunset Boulevard”
Disney2014__069Disney2014__070Disney2014__072Disney2014__073We got back to the hotel in time to see the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks from our room. SWEET!