Travelogue: Chicago

July 2015
Where We Stayed: The Marriott Renaissance

Okay okay okay, yes, I know that I am thirty years old… BUT OMFG TAYLOR SWIFT WAS AMAZING. I pretty much morphed back into a tween and thoroughly enjoyed her show. Say what you want about Ms. Swift, she is a killer entertainer. For real. But the real reason I wanted to go to this show? HAIM! They are my favorite band as of late and I have entered full-blown obsession mode. I can’t wait for them to tour on their own. Also, can I be a Haim sister when I grow up? Surely I could learn to play the tambourine or something and if need be, I’m open to converting to Judaism.

Oh, and my favorite quote of the night? “They’re actually pretty good, which is surprising because they’re women.” – said the douche frat bro in front of me.

I went to the show solo because finding one ticket was easier than finding two (the show sold out in, like 38 seconds). But my mom spent the weekend with me in Chicago to keep me company. Isn’t she nice? We took the train down, ate delicious pizza, and had a nice weekend together.

Photo-Jul-18,-1-00-57-PMPhoto-Jul-18,-1-56-43-PMWhen in Rome, right?
Photo-Jul-18,-3-12-13-PMI can’t believe TEN YEARS has passed since the White Sox won. Which also means that it has been NINE YEARS since I moved to Chicago. Time flies and everything changes, doesn’t it?
Photo-Jul-18,-3-33-48-PMMy moment of sheer panic: a huge thunderstorm blew through. I thought I would have to go to this show in the rain — which is pretty much my version of hell. Luckily the weather cleared out!
Photo-Jul-18,-6-35-06-PMPhoto-Jul-18,-6-52-58-PMHi baby, I’ve missed you. But not enough to ever move back!
Photo-Jul-18,-8-54-09-PMSQUEE! I bow down to Este, Danielle, and Alana. BOW. DOWN.
Photo-Jul-18,-9-27-57-PMT-Swifty opened with Welcome to New York – and my reaction was pretty much “holy shit, this show is going to be amazing.” She has costume changes for nearly every song, dancers, moving stages, fireworks, etc.
Photo-Jul-18,-10-39-48-PMAnother cool part was the wristbands we all got — they lit up in various colors. Different colors for different songs, and they blinked along with the beat of the songs. It was an awesome visual.
Photo-Jul-18,-10-53-07-PMPhoto-Jul-19,-8-08-02-AMPhoto-Jul-19,-8-12-19-AMWatch out for that third rail…
Photo-Jul-19,-8-15-50-AMI can never see the L without thinking of While You Were Sleeping, which is one of the most precious movies of all time. It was nice to visit Chicago again — so much has changed, but so much is still so familiar. It’s weird.