Travelogue: Chicago

June 2012
Where We Stayed:  The Hampton Inn Majestic Chicago Theatre District

I’ve “known” Mary Meghan for 10 years now. We met online through our mutual love of John Mayer (hey hey, this was back in 2002 people… when his douchebaggery wasn’t quite as apparent) but never met face-to-face, as I live in Wisconsin and she and her husband live in Mississippi. That changed this week! They were in Chicago to photograph a wedding and we all finally got the opportunity to hang out. Mary Meghan is sweet, charming, and 100% southern. I loved her from the minute we met! Her husband Josh is also great – and I’m pretty sure he’s going to be the Mayor of Tupelo, MS one day :)

We explored Chicago (I always love to play tourist). The Bean was fabulous (and highly-photographed), as per usual. The Lichtenstein exhibit at the Art Institute was great (love me some pop art). Orange was delicious (mmmm pancake flight!). The only negative was the fact that it was NINETY FIVE DEGREES. NINETY. FIVE. DEGREES. So much sweating. So much.

But here’s to the Internet and the great people you meet through it. I love that I’m a part of one of the first generations of social media!