Travelogue: Portland, ME

October 2011
Where We Stayed:  With Friends

If I had to describe my experience in Maine using one word it would be charming. It actually reminded me a lot of Wisconsin (specifically Door County), if Wisconsin had ocean coastline and an abundant amount of lobster. Our first stop in Maine was Higgins Beach, which was precious. Hattie played on the beach, I took photos, and Bethany showed me the apartment in which she hopes to someday live. Knowing her, it will 100% happen.

We then drove to see Portland Head Light, a historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth. Legend has it that it’s the most photographed lighthouse and I would be inclined to believe that. It was completed in 1791 and sits at the entrance of the shipping channel into Casco Bay.

Most people know that I have a relatively substantial fear of the ocean. Maybe more than fear it’s a deep, deep respect. I know it’s something that could easily chew me up and spit me out. The ocean doesn’t feel, there is no anthropomorphic “mother nature” that shows a kind side. It’s the motherf*cking ocean, ya know? Despite my fear, I’m fascinated by it. I love to learn about it, look at it, photograph it, and wade into it (ever so cautiously). One quote kept running through my mind over and over and over again. A gem by Isak Dinesen:

“The cure for everything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.”

Higgins Beach

Looking north from Portland Head Light

A pretty accurate representation of B&D: Bethany adores Dan; Dan is silly.