Travelogue: Chicago for St. Patrick’s Day

March 2016
Where We Stayed: The Westin Chicago River North

One of my favorite things about Chicago is seeing the river dyeing each St. Patrick’s Day. They dye the river NEON GREEN. I went for a weekend trip to see all things green and eat some deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati’s this time around). I also made sure to get some Garrett’s popcorn. The one huge disappointment about the trip was that the Bean was closed! I nearly cried (you all know how much I love the Bean). Oh well, better luck next time!
Photo-Mar-12,-5-25-57-PMThis tradition begins at 9am on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day.
Photo-Mar-12,-5-30-31-PMPhoto-Mar-12,-5-21-49-PMPhoto-Mar-12,-8-58-12-PMI was back in the land of a million Dunkin Donuts!
Photo-Mar-12,-9-05-56-PMAwesome new-ish mural!
Photo-Mar-12,-9-08-47-PMUntitled-1Photo-Mar-12,-9-14-32-PMDylan’s Candy now has a Chicago location.
Photo-Mar-12,-9-13-56-PMPhoto-Mar-13,-10-45-14-AMVisiting Chicago really just means 24/7 eating.
Photo-Mar-12,-7-32-39-PMSo much eating.
Photo-Mar-13,-12-27-31-PMMORE EATING. Isn’t this place adorable though? Located in my old neighborhood — the South Loop!
Photo-Mar-13,-11-05-47-PMThose mixers!
Photo-Mar-13,-12-28-50-PMPhoto-Mar-12,-9-23-03-PMThanks, Chicago. You were fabulous as always.