Travelogue: New Jersey

August 2010
Where We Stayed: With Friends

My friend Meghan is from New Jersey – so it was only fitting that I spend my last few days on the East Coast in Jersey! I didn’t really know what to expect, given the hundreds of Jersey stereotypes that I’ve heard over the years. New Jersey was everything that I did and didn’t expect. It’s lovely. It’s trashy. It’s beautiful. It’s industrial. The state has it all.

I was there for three days and stayed at Meghan’s family’s beach house in Avon-by-the-sea. The beach house was lovely and I enjoyed getting to spend time with the lovely Johnson family! And Lucy – the world’s sweetest golden retriever… she’s a licker and a lover and has no concept of personal space. Here’s a re-cap of my Jersey experience:

  • The beach. Thoroughly enjoyed being lazy – but did not enjoy getting burned to a crisp. I have a nice tan now though!
  • Outlet mall! We’re two twentysomething girls – of course we’re going to go to the outlet mall.
  • Food. Oh, glorious Jersey food. Macroon Bakery (yummy!). Italian ice from Strollo’s. Water ice from Rita’s (if you haven’t experienced water ice, you haven’t lived). Delicious Italian dinner from the Avon Pavilion on the beach. A little cheap Mexican fare from Moe’s (their queso makes me weak in the knees).
  • A trip to Cranbury, the town where Meghan’s family is from. So quaint and beautiful.
  • Beverly Hills 90210. Meghan and I decided to, while basking in total laziness, watch a 90210 marathon. We started with season 1 and had a good time laughing at the fashions of the 90s. I’m so glad that I have a friend to share my embarrassing TV show love with.
  • Lucy. I know I already mentioned her, but Lucy Lucy Lucy. I wanted to steal that dog. So much love.