Travelogue: Wild Wild West

July 2008

My ex and I took a week-long road trip that covered Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and a bit of Nevada. I can’t remember any details to give it a proper blog post, but here are some photos! I am always in complete awe of the American West.

2690368796_47e6fbd0f2_o2693978637_6cf21b7d32_o2693981831_5405854594_o2694118617_22fa081378_oGreat Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado (totally awesome, btw)
2694782914_f1fd42d9ba_oGreat Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado
2695404051_6af78f7e7b_oFour Corners! You have to¬†really want to visit this — because it’s in the middle of desert nowhere!
2695769219_500ebbaa98_o2695771831_f791c29d5a_oBryce Canyon National Park, Utah
2695773829_f8061cd73c_oBryce Canyon National Park, Utah
2695813173_116b4867ed_oBryce Canyon National Park, Utah
2695842337_272827bf90_oA photo from our 8 mile hike. EIGHT. MILE. HIKE.
2696583054_a246b59b94_oBryce Canyon National Park, Utah
2696210964_e84b6042e2_oShiprock – New Mexico
2698980768_b598d68675_oA piece of Route 66
2698991668_e7c738bee7_oGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona
2698996270_fb2f93d012_oGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona
2699006432_b7a48e321b_oGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona – sunrise (totally worth the early wake-up)