The Best of Madison

I lived in Madison from 2002 to 2006 for college (BS in medical microbiology & immunology), and then again from 2009 to 2012 for graduate school (Master of Public Health through UWSMPH).  I absolutely loved my time at UW-Madison and get weepy and nostalgic about it on the regular!  Instagram and iPhones didn’t exist (thankfully!) when I was in college — and were gaining traction during my graduate school days.  But I still have a nice collection of Madison photos and this is my visual love letter to my college experience.  Go Badgers!  On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin’s Capitol building
Microbial Sciences Building
Bascom Hill:  the site of the ultimate calorie burn
A Prom photoshoot!
Farmer’s Market in Madison is pretty great.
Fill the Hill!
Some Blue Moon Babcock ice cream!
They added BLUE terrace chairs in 2012 (I think) for a fundraising drive!
The view from my apartment on Washington.  Pretty awesome.
Best french fries ever!  Or maybe they were just great because they were frequently consumed late at night after many beverages!